Zimbabwe: the philanthropic work of the First Lady praised

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa rekindled the dynamism of what a First Lady can do, which is to use her position to do philanthropic work.

While her efforts have been touted as an attempt to win votes for President Emmerson Mnangagwa, President Zanu PF, her work has been largely people-centered, non-partisan and non-partisan, which drew her to some of the communities. where she works. .

Using her Angel of Hope Foundation, the First Lady has spearheaded various initiatives to support vulnerable groups in society by providing them with access to health care, social services, education and economic empowerment initiatives by with particular emphasis on women, youth and children.

The first lady’s philanthropic work through her Angel of Hope foundation continues to inspire the nation, with a group of elderly women from the Mudzimu Unoyera Apostolic Sect donating peanuts for later distribution to the needy.

Just last week, the first lady provided a fully equipped shelter for patients, who have reportedly come for long-term treatment for cancer and other illnesses at the Parirenyatwa group of hospitals in Harare.

Parirenyatwa spokesperson Linos Dhire said of the development: “We are pleased that First Lady Amai Mnangagwa has provided us with a decent and pleasant facility to accommodate desperate patients from outside the capital.”

Last month, the first lady unveiled a project to breed Boer goats for rural communities in East Mashonaland province. Previously, she facilitated the establishment of a health post offering outpatient, maternal and child health services.

Besides other tasks, she organized interactive sessions with communities on the best ways to prevent Covid-19 and distribute face masks, disinfectants and food to the population.

Its interventions came at the right time as the country is in containment to stem the deadly pandemic, which has killed thousands of people around the world and is pushing the global economy back by many factors.

It is work that, on a small scale, helps to fill some of the gaps that still exist in the delivery of social services.

What remains is that his work should give government officials an indicator to prioritize the delivery of social services.

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