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Prayagraj: They don’t have management degrees under their belt, but young saints and seers, camping at Magh Mela on the sandy expanse of the river Ganges, are experts in running activities in huge ashrams and camps, visited daily by thousands of devotees, in true “Guru-Shishya parampara” (tradition taught by teachers).
In addition to preparing and leading routine puja, yajna, ‘guru sewa’, yoga and meditation sessions, clairvoyants also educate people on the importance of vaccinations and social distancing to combat the Covid-19.
Be it Acharya Anuj Mishra or Acharya Devendra Swaroop Bhramchari, these young seers and saints, coming from routine puja, yajna and guru sewa, also manage the day to day affairs of the camp.
Interestingly, the ongoing Magh Mela saw many young seers and sadhus between the ages of 18 and 30, who run the meals for all the ‘bhandaras’ (communal exploits) in the camps or the remaining ‘kalpwasis’ in their tents, running pujas, daily routine meetings, yoga and meditation camps.
Acharya Anuj Mishra (19), Charkhi Dadri Haryana, said, “Besides continuing my studies of Shastri in Sanskrit, I managed Charkhi Dadri camp activities with the blessing of my Guru and Swami Brahmashram Maharaj. “
He added, “By waking up early in the morning and participating in the routine puja and yajna, we take care of the preparation of meals for the saints, the ‘kalpwasis’ staying inside the camp and the visitors arriving. to receive Guruji’s blessings.
“Furthermore, we take care of all the small affairs of the ashram, i.e. electricity supply, drinking water, special puja arrangements in the camp and we also ensure that every visitor receives ‘prasads’.” he said.
Additionally, they are also educating worshipers on the importance of vaccination and social distancing to fight Covid-19.
Dandi Devendra Pandey Brahmaswaroop Brahmachari Ji told TOI, “We teach ourselves management skills and we don’t need degrees or courses. Serving humanity is our only motto and we take good care of gurus. , seers, saints and “kalpwasis” who stay in camps.
From preparing meals to arranging beds and serving every visitor, it inspires us to do better in life. »
Most of the young seers, who have been associated with their gurus for years, have a good knowledge of the day-to-day affairs of the camps. They are also expert in delivering religious discourse and also connect with their followers/students online.
There are over 3,500 camps of seers and saints across the Magh Mela. The majority of these camps are run by teams of young saints and seers who believe that they can carve out a place for themselves in serving humanity and for that they do not need any diplomas or special conferences.
Their guru’s grace provides them with skills to direct the management of camps and ashrams.
“It takes a few years when we are learning every minute to organize a camp for devotees and welcome guests,” said another young seer, adding, “Work and responsibility are assigned to each individual in the camp or ashram and we are all working collectively to make things better,” he added.

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