Yogi and Capt Amarinder spar over Punjab naming Malerkotla as district: The Tribune India

Ravi S Singh
Tribune press service

New Delhi / Chandigarh, May 15

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday criticized the Punjab government for declaring Malerkotla an independent tax district of the state.

Indeed, the full range of past and present political circumstances that led to the announcement of Malerkotla as the 23rd District of Punjab, and Adityanath’s retaliatory retaliation herald the mild political winds of the upcoming Assembly elections in Punjab. and in Uttar Pradesh. , to be held next spring.

Elections in the two states with Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa are scheduled simultaneously for February-March next year.

As an exception to Malerkotla’s declaration as a separate district, Adityanath said any form of discrimination based on ideology and religion is against the fundamental spirit of the Constitution.

Slamming Yogi Adityanath for his “incendiary” tweet on Malerkotla’s declaration as the 23rd District of Punjab, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh appointed it is an attempt to incite communal hatred in a peaceful state as part of the divisive policy of the Bharatiya Janata party.

Contrasting communal harmony in the Punjab with the divisions promoted by the government of Yogi Adiyanath in Uttar Pradesh, Amarinder Singh asked the former to stay out of the affairs of his state, which is in much better shape than that of the UP under the divisive and destructive government of the BJP. , which has actively promoted communal discord in the state for over four years.

“What does he (Yogi Adityanath) know about the Punjab ethos or the story of Malerkotla, whose relationship with Sikhism and its gurus was known to all Punjabi? And what does he understand about the Indian Constitution, which is brazenly flouted every day by his own government within the UP? the chief minister asked, in a sharp reaction to the tweet from his UP counterpart, describing Malerkotla’s new status as a “sign of the politics of dividing Congress”.

Blasting the ruling Congress in Punjab, Yogi said the establishment of Malerkotla as a district at this point was a testament to the politics of political division in Congress.

“Ideological and religious discrimination of any kind is contrary to the basic spirit of the Constitution,” Adityanath tweeted and added that the creation of the district is a testament to Congressional policy of political division.

The creation of Malerkotla was an electoral promise of Congress, made during the last Assembly election in the Punjab.

The canton of Malerkotla and the constituency of the Assembly are predominant with the Muslim population.

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh announced on Friday Malerkotla as the state’s new district on the occasion of the Eid-ul-Fitr festival.

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