Woolworths Brings Back Cult ‘Baby’ Slow Cooker For Just $ 16

Woolworths brings their cult slow cooker back to $ 20 – but this time around, it’s even cheaper.

The supermarket giant slashed the price by more than 220 winter essentials in store and online in time for the cold season.

Leading the charge is their very popular Adesso slow cooker, retailing for just $ 16 this time around.

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At this price, it’s cheaper than breakfast in the cafe.

The 1.5L “baby” appliance features a ceramic bowl, dishwasher-safe, Low, High and Hot settings, power indicator light, easy-to-grip handles and is small enough for storage or storage. wash easily in a household sink.

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The Woolworths Adesso slow cooker has been reduced from $ 20 to just $ 16. (Woolworth)

Affordable Adesso-branded device has garnered a cult following among Woolies shoppers, even with Facebook users campaign to “save the baby slow cooker from extinction” few years ago.

But this will be the first time it has sold for just $ 16, a revelation that’s sure to stir up a frenzy among fans.

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The price drop includes both grocery and kitchen utensil lines, including their popular Decor storage containers which have gone down to $ 4.

Scroll down for a list of highlights in different categories below.

As cold and flu season approaches, there are also savings on popular medications, including throat lozenges, cold and flu tablets, cough medicine, and a decongestant. .

Woolworths' price drop on winter essentials
The supermarket giant is slashing the prices of winter groceries, bulk items and cold and flu season essentials. (Wolworth)

There are also big savings on bulk items, including rice and coffee beans, with up to $ 10 off.

Woolworths purchasing manager Paul Harker said the company is committed to ensuring customers get the most out of a store.

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“The lowered prices represent our commitment to providing customers with the most value every time they shop with us, and cover a range of winter essentials, including roasts, hot drinks, cooking utensils, more affordable cooking, storage and drugs, ”he said.

“Customers will also find a great selection of convenient winter warmers for chilly nights, such as Italian roast chicken portions and Woolworths soups. “

The winter essentials:

  • Small Boneless Roasted Pork Leg (was $ 10 / kg, now $ 8.50 / kg)
  • Woolworths RSPCA Approved Chicken Breast Diced 1kg (was $ 14 now $ 13)
  • COOK Roast Chicken Portions Italian Style RW (was $ 7.50 / kg now $ 5.50 / kg)
  • Pork loin steaks 500g (was $ 11 now $ 10)
  • Woolworths Soups (was $ 3.00 now $ 2.50)
  • Twinings 10pk (was $ 2.90 now $ 2.00)
  • 1KG Coffee Bean Grinders (was $ 27, now $ 20)
  • Daawat basmati rice 5kg (instead of $ 20 now $ 10)
  • Adesso slow cooker (was $ 20 now $ 16)


  • Betadine anesthetic sore throat (was $ 15 now $ 10.50)
  • Dimetapp Cold / Flu 20Pk Liquid Capsules (was $ 13 now $ 11)
  • Dimetapp Kids Cough Plus Immune 200ml (was $ 19 now $ 15)
  • 20pk of Dimetapp nasal decongestant (was $ 12 now $ 10)
  • Kleenex Large & Thick Aloe Vera Facial Tissue 70pk (was $ 2.60 now $ 2)

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