Who Should Resign After The Arizona Election Audit? It’s a long list


All weekend long, I waited for the start of the Great Arizona Apology Tour.

That long-awaited and long-awaited moment when an incredibly large number of those who claim to lead us are in dire need of grace and humility – or at least to demonstrate that they are, indeed, capable of feeling shame. – and to recognize that they were wr…

They were wrrrr …

They were wrong.

Representative Gosar spent months deceiving voters

Representative Paul Gosar has spent the past 10 months speaking out against election fraud in Arizona. He was in the Senate for Friday afternoon’s audit presentation, but strangely, he hasn’t said anything about it since the results were revealed.

Still, he was clearly preparing for a big day. On Thursday, he tweeted a one-word announcement.

“Tomorrow,” he wrote. Attached is a photo of himself with this quote: “Leftists have been driven to insane levels of dishonesty and have gone to a boil just to stop this audit (in Arizona). Only people with something to hide would object to a truth-finding mission.

Then on Friday morning, there was this from Gosar: “Our only expectation is the truth. Either way, he will rule. This audit allows us to restore confidence in our elections. It shouldn’t have been that hard to do. Transparency. Truth. Translucency.

Well, the truth, Rep. Gosar, is that the audit showed that you spent most of the last year deceiving voters, shaking their confidence in the Arizona election as you promoted the theory of the election. conspiracy after conspiracy theory – each more wacky than the last.

“Stop the Steal” was your mantra, but you tried to do just that – steal an election, that is – on January 6, when you ran into the United States House and urged your colleagues to reject your own state’s vote. .

“Over 400,000 mail-in ballots have been altered,” you said of the Arizona election, “from President Trump to Vice President Biden or completely erased from President Trump’s total”.

Alas, Gosar never finished regaling his colleagues with big stories about all this non-existent fraud in Arizona because a mob of angry Trump supporters was, at the time, breaking into the Capitol. and Congress had to retreat.

Biggs, Lesko and Gosar haven’t said a word since

Gosar was not the only Arizona representative who attempted to deny Arizona voters the right to vote that day. Representatives Andy Biggs and Debbie Lesko also voted to overturn Arizona’s vote in an effort to prevent a legitimately elected president from taking office.

Of the four Arizona Republicans in Congress, only Representative David Schweikert voted to certify the results of the Arizona election. Sad that I have to say it but so much the better for you, sir, to respect the Constitution and the will of the people of this state, even if you did not agree with their choice.

Biggs, in particular, whined endlessly for months on end about the stolen elections and “America’s duly elected president” (hint: he wasn’t talking about Joe Biden).

Strangely, we haven’t heard a word from Biggs, Lesko or Gosar since the audit confirmed Biden won Arizona.

Conspiracy mob still claim election was corrupt

Since then, we’ve heard a lot about their fellow Arizona leaders in the conspiracy crowd, ambitious types who have consistently fueled Republican outrage in a bid to move up the political food chain.

State Sens. Sonny Borrelli and Wendy Rogers and Kelly Townsend come to mind. And Rep. Mark Finchem and Arizona Republican Party President Kelli Ward, and too many other lawmakers and state wannabes to name them all. And Kari Lake, currently the Republican frontrunner in the race for governor.

So how many of these so-called leaders have held themselves accountable for their role in tearing this state apart? How many recognized how wrong they were?

No, not one. In fact, the apology tour so far looks like the Arizona Diamondbacks’ upcoming playoff tour: non-existent.

In fact, as a result of the audit, some of these so-called leaders actually continued to perpetuate the myth that Arizona’s election was corrupt – no matter the ninja’s findings so clearly showed not a problem. with voting but the problem this occurs when you hire unqualified listeners who don’t know what they are doing.

And so we get this:

And that:

And that:

Rogers, who never missed an opportunity to withdraw funds from the audit, appealed for donations within 48 hours, brazenly stating “The report came out. The fraud was real.”

Why keep tearing the state apart for a lie?

All the frauds that Trump and his Arizona fanatics claim were discovered by listeners? Even the auditors didn’t claim to have found a fraud and in fact often noted that there was probably a good explanation for what they were seeing.

There was. Maricopa County has provided credible explanations for how the ninjas, once again, misinterpret the data because they don’t understand how the elections go. Point by point, the county debunked every ninja innuendo that something stinky had happened here.

Explanations Finchem, et al, simply ignore as they continue their efforts to get more donations, more followers, and in Finchem’s case, more votes in next year’s overcrowded Republican primary. for the Secretary of State.

Why, you ask, would they keep trying to tear this state and nation apart on the back of a lie?

Maybe the pattern can be found here, can it not, Senator Rogers?

Meanwhile, here in the real world, Dominion Voting Systems should consider using Senate Speaker Karen Fann’s Cyber ​​Ninjas audit as a job benchmark.

Fann forwarded the audit report to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, highlighting several concerns about election practices, including a claim that the county deleted – or, as the county said, archived – election records from 2020.

They were wrong – and should quit for it

But here’s the gist of the Arizona election, from Fann’s letter to Brnovich:

“The final listeners tally – which quadrupled each of the 2.1 million ballots – matches the official Maricopa County machine tally. This is the most important and encouraging conclusion of the audit. … This conclusion therefore responds to the most serious concerns regarding the integrity of the certified results of the 2020 elections. ”

In other words, you, Rep. Gosar, were wrong. And you, Representatives Biggs and Lesko.

And all the shameless state lawmakers and minor enlightenment – unfortunately, too many to name – who turned a blind eye to the truth and lied to their own constituents and let down the state they represent. Everything to gain more political attention.

Each of them apologizes to Arizona and America. Oh, and as I wrote at the start of this audit, one more thing:

A resignation.

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