Where Brandi Carlile Lives and Why Her Friends Thought She Was “Culting”

Brandi Carlile’s performance at the 2022 Grammys proved the singer-songwriter is one of the best. As for her personal life, she has quite an interesting life situation with her wife, Catherine Shepherd, and children. Here’s where Brandi Carlile lives and why those close to her feared she was “forming a cult.”

Where does Brandi Carlile live? She created a complex with his wife, Catherine Shepherd

Brandi Carlile (L) and his wife, Catherine Shepherd | Michael Tran/AFP via Getty Images

Some fans expect Brandi Carlile to live in a celebrity-style mansion, but that’s not the case. The singer-songwriter reportedly lived on a compound she began developing when she was 21.

“I live in the same log cabin that I bought when I was 21,” she told The Cut. “As I get older, my family grows and things change in my life.” She noted that she and his wife, Catherine Shepherd, had added a deck, nursery, and chicken coop to their cabin. Also, Carlile’s father is a carpenter and she learned a lot from him. “Over the years, I bought tools and learned to do basic carpentry work myself,” she added. “I really, really appreciate it. I can never give up – I have three projects going on right now.

Rolling Stone notes that the cabin is in Maple Valley, Washington, about 45 minutes from Seattle. It’s not just Carlile and Shepherd who live on the property. Carlile’s bandmate Phil married Carlile’s sister Tiffany. Another band member, Josh, married Shepherd’s sister. The band’s engineer, Gerry, married another Shepherd sister. They bought acres of land to live on Carlile’s property.

“Everyone teased, ‘Brandi is forming a cult,'” Carlile told Parents. “The next thing I knew was that the people I work with were here. And we married into each other’s families.

Brandi Carlile and his wife Catherine Shepherd raise their 2 children in the compound

Brandi Carlile, Catherine Shepherd and their children at an event
Catherine Shepherd, Brandi Carlile and their children | Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Brandi Carlile and his wife, Catherine Shepherd, have two children: Evangeline and Elijah. Evangeline will be 8 years old in 2022 and Elijah will be 3 years old in 2022. But these are not the only children where Brandi Carlile lives.

“There’s a whole bunch of siblings and seven kids,” Carlile told The Cut. “My ex, Kim, came back here after all this time with his girlfriend, Nicole. Kim is important to me, and she hurts my ass. Lots of hands do light work. We are able to support each other emotionally and in many other ways.

It seems that all families and friends help each other too. “You’re so tired of your own kitchen – so let’s say it’s Josh and Sarah’s night to cook. We can go to each other’s house,” Carlile told Parents. We all worked. We built a deck and installed an above-ground pool. We did all kinds of projects together, everything to keep us busy. As for the children, Carlile added that “everyone helps the children learn. It’s a community effort.

The couple call ‘gay domesticity’ a ‘radically new concept’

When Brandi Carlile and his wife, Catherine Shepherd, had their kids, they probably didn’t expect to be living in a resort with their closest friends. And it seems like they didn’t have much of a plan for how they should be parents either.

“There are some serious pioneers involved here,” Carlile told Today. “I wish there was more for me to read or absentmindedly absorb through TV sitcoms, movies and commercials – things that could have prepared me for the weirdness of being entirely responsible for a child without much representation or mirror to show me what he would look like.

To parents, Carlile called the “gay maid” a “radically new concept”.

“To my immense relief and delight, Catherine and I found an utter abundance of support from our friends and family around us who had children,” the songwriter added. “It was like joining some sort of club. It actually made me feel cooler.

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