Violence Against Women Focuses on New Kuwaiti TV Series |


Saudi director Muhammad Daham al-Shammari is completing work in the capital, Kuwait, on a six-part series called “Dahabat ma’al ma” (Gone with the Water), a television production that deals with the issue of violence against women.

The series will soon be broadcast on the digital platform “Shasha”.

Muhammad Daham Al-Shammari explains: “The series presents the suffering of women in Gulf and Arab societies, as well as the struggle and tragedies they have gone through at three different times.”

Series screenwriter Mona Al-Shammari said, “The work deals with a sensitive issue that the writer must courageously face, including crimes that claim the lives of women and violence that targets both women and men. women and children.

She isn’t fooled by the potential controversy the series will spark. “I know that there are those who will oppose this work because it is a bold step to offer it to the public and it is different given the ideas it addresses,” she adds.

She points out: “The work highlights issues that the Gulf drama had not addressed before, such as the love between members of two different sects in contemporary times.”

Asked about the most crucial period the series deals with, she says: “It was the 1940s, when we shed light on the slave trade and slaves in the Arabian Peninsula.

Muhammad Daham Al-Shammari is a Saudi director and producer, born in 1969 who now lives in Kuwait. He contributed to the Gulf drama with numerous productions.

Screenwriter Mona Al-Shammari is a Kuwaiti writer and novelist who wrote fiction before devoting herself to television fiction.

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