uttar pradesh: “spiritualism has helped Covid warriors” | Lucknow News

Lucknow: Even though skillful planning by the state government controlled the spread of coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh, a divine interface helped the cause in a unique way, according to Additional Chief Secretary Rajneesh Dube.
Dube, who was previously head of the medical training department, said, “Three types of fear frighten the human spirit: darkness, ignorance and death. Covid-19 came with all three. Like everyone else, the doctors, nurses and healthcare staff were petrified. But a terrified medical work force is said to have turned UP’s worst fears, the heart of India’s Covid-19 anger, into reality.
The solution came from the spiritual gurus of the Brahmakumaris who interacted with the medical personnel.
“The teachers came up with an ABCD mantra and the fear disappeared. A stands for atma (soul), B is for baba (parmatma or god), C is the short form of the connection between A and B to beat D (drama of nature) which occurs every few decades like the bubonic plague (in 1921),” he said, adding that the formula became the springboard for UP’s success in controlling Covid-19, which is now a model studied around the world.
Dube spoke at a program marking the launch of Brahmakumari’s Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation campaign for administrators, executives and managers under the overall theme “Spiritual Empowerment for Kindness and Compassion”. to instil a culture of commitment and excellence in administration.

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