Tucker Carlson Launches New Racist Conspiracy Theory About White Women

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently attempted to misrepresent MSBNC’s Tiffany Cross when she delivered her assessment of the insurgency at the United States Capitol.

On Wednesday, October 19, Carlson accused Cross of demonizing white women. During the recent segment, Cross insisted that white women had played a significant role in the insurgency.

The MSNBC host went on to explain how white women are more of “enablers in this very dangerous domestic terrorist movement.”

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According to HuffPost, white women played a “leading role” in the insurgency and more than 100 of them participated in the insurgency. The report also compared the role of the white women’s insurgency to the re-emergence of the Ku Klux Klan.

With the emergence of social media, far-right factions now have more outlets to spit hate and spin conspiracy theories. HuffPost notes that Cross’ valuation appears to line up with historical timelines.

However, Carlson argues otherwise. The Fox host, who has been pushing so-called “great replacement” theories for the past few months, accused Cross of fearmongering.

“So it’s not just white people, it’s white women,” Carlson said. “Their wives are bad too!” Women, of course, are key to the reproduction of the white race, which is clearly a threat, as she repeats over and over to you and your family. They are dangerous. They want to hurt you.

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However, he didn’t stop there. Carlson went on to suggest that the assessment was based on a theory: that white women are a danger to the United States.

“The bottom line is very, very clear. White women are dangerous because white people are dangerous. They are, by the nature of their DNA, potential domestic terrorists.

Watch the video below or at this link:

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