Trump appointee to West Point board spreads plot that Biden replaces whites of European descent

In another interview, he also attacked women serving in the military in combat roles.

The comments were made in April and May by retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, who was appointed to the West Point Visitors Council in the final months of the Trump administration, and was discovered in a review by CNN KFile for his recent comments. Macgregor was also a senior official in Trump’s Defense Department, where he was responsible for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan after being appointed in November 2020.
Macgregor had previously been appointed as the Trump administration’s ambassador to Germany, but his appointment was not auditioned following a CNN KFile report on controversial comments on minorities, Islam and remembrance of the Holocaust by Germany. He graduated from West Point and served in the United States Army for nearly 30 years as a decorated combat veteran before retiring as a colonel in 2004. He is a frequent radio and television commentator. on National Security Affairs, most recently for Fox News and RT, and has published five books.
“I think they have control of it,” Macgregor said on local New York radio at the end of April, asked about the situation on the US-Mexico border. “There’s no question about it. But their idea of ​​control is to attract as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, from anywhere in the world, frankly. But preferably from Latin America. , from the Middle East, Africa and others, parts of Asia, but not many. ”

“The idea is that they need to bring in as many non-Europeans as possible in order to outperform the number of Americans of European descent living in the United States. That is what it is about. I don’t think there is a point in questioning it. That is the policy. … It is a deliberate policy to embrace demographic change. ”

Macgregor sits on the Military Academy Visitors Council, which is made up of members of Congress and those appointed by the President. The board carries investigations into the military academy ‘s “morale and discipline, curriculum, instruction, physical equipment, fiscal affairs and academic methods”. It meets several times one year and provides independent advice and recommendations to the president on the military academy. Appointments usually involve serving a three-year term.

Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Gough told CNN West Point had no say in board members: “The military has no influence over who is appointed to the Visitors Council The responsibility of West Point is to keep the Board of Visitors up to date, not administering or appointing it. “

Macgregor did not respond to requests for comment.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates condemned Macgregor’s recent remarks, telling CNN: “These hateful and grotesque sentiments are antithetical to the values ​​and character of our nation and our military – including the standards, excellence and professionalism are second to none. ”

“There is absolutely no place in the public service for racism, for disparaging the contributions of women in the military or for religious fanaticism,” Bates said.

A White House official told CNN that Macgregor’s position on the West Point Visitors’ Council is currently under review.

Macgregor also said that “a lot of criminals” were among the migrants and undocumented immigrants arriving in the United States, adding that they would be “a burden on our economy”, who had since carried eradicated diseases.

“We also encourage all of these worst elements to come camping and effectively enjoy the fruits of citizenship without earning them and never qualifying for them,” he said, “And I think some of you have had to see the thousands of pregnant women coming from Latin America, so that they could have their children here. And then the child is immediately declared an American citizen. And again, it’s all part of the big plan. This is what Mr. Biden and his supporters want. They want another country. They don’t want the United States. ”

In other interview in May, Criticized Macgregor for allowing women to fight.

“What we call diversity – in the extreme. In other words, affirmative action programs for every conceivable category of humanity the left wants to come up with,” Macgregor said. “Whether it’s someone who’s neutral or gay or whatever, the left likes to categorize us and push that. And the people who accepted it and said, ‘Sure, let’s say women in the fighting forces Let’s go have women everywhere Let’s do whatever we want We’re going to create this brave new world where everyone is the same There is no difference, nothing matters. So I think that’s where we are.

Barbara Starr of CNN contributed to this report.

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