Trump amateur propagandist Devin Nunes makes it official

California Republican Devin Nunes will resign from Congress at the end of the month to serve as CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group, where he will broadcast propaganda on behalf of the twice impeached former president. But since this is primarily how Nunes saw her role in Congress, the new job is more of a horizontal movement than a meaningful career change.

Before Donald Trump came into his life, Nunes appeared to establish an identity as one of his party’s less insane members. (In 2013, he rejected Tories who were plotting to shut down the government in order to force President Obama to agree to abolish Obamacare as “lemmings with suicide vests.”) But he was one of the first Republicans in the country. Congress to embrace Trump, and cynicism or heartfelt conviction – has established itself as one of the president’s most staunch supporters.

Nunes energetically echoed Trump’s claims that the whole Russian scandal – much of which happened in plain sight, with Trump hiring as campaign manager a man who had handled a Kremlin puppet candidacy in Ukraine, asking Russia to hack Hillary’s emails, repeating Putin’s lies about hacks, and so on – like a deep state conspiracy to trap an innocent man. This role propelled him to the fore in Trumpworld as part of Trump’s larger cult, making him a prominent figure on Fox News and other conservative outlets.

Nunes was the main supporter of Trump when he was first impeached, saying she was “one of the mothers of all conspiracy theories” to imagine that “somehow the President of the United States would want a country it doesn’t even like… to open an investigation. in Biden. (Trump has in fact demanded such an investigation on several occasions, including on the White House lawn.) As a reward for his service, Trump awarded Nunes the Medal of Freedom on January 4, 2021, two days ahead of her service. urge his supporters to launch a violent insurgency to overthrow the election.

Nunes not only spread Trump’s lies, but seemed inspired to emulate his hero’s methods – in particular, Trump’s passion for abusing the legal system as a tool to intimidate his critics. Nunes has filed a flurry of lawsuits: against newspapers, magazines, Twitter, even a parody account posing as his cow. The purpose of his often ridiculous statements was not to win, but to make reporters fear the time and expense they would have to incur to cover or (in the case of the cow) make fun of Nunes.

For Nunes to leave Congress to work for Trump’s latest venture undermines the theory that he is cynical and lends weight to the idea that he is operating out of sheer conviction. If he had remained in Congress after the 2022 election, which would most likely hand control of Congress to his party, he was on the verge of inheriting the chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee. This post would not only have given him enormous influence over politics, especially taxes, but also provided an extraordinarily lucrative perch from which to launch a career as a lobbyist.

So Nunes gave up a license to print money to work for a career con artist known to have flouted his partners and blamed them for his crimes. The new Trump company is already facing a potential SEC investigation.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Nunes got directly involved in a Trump scheme that put him at legal risk. Nunes is said to have met both Viktor Shokin, the corrupt former Ukrainian prosecutor at the heart of Trump’s first impeachment scandal, and Lev Parnas, Rudy Giuliani’s partner since convicted.

But it is a more daring risk. Historically speaking, the chances of a job working in Trump’s orbit leading to a criminal conviction are even higher than the chances of it happening via a seat in Congress. It’s almost as if Nunes could see the next totally unfair hoax coming and want to go downstairs.

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