The Unsolved Plots of Star Trek: Voyager

The Voyager crew have always seemed to be involved in uprisings, rebellions, and civil wars, and in Season 6’s cliffhanger, “Unimatrix Zero,” they’ve done it all over again. This time, the ex-Borg Seven of Nine discovers a collective unconscious nicknamed “Unimatrix Zero”, a state that Borg drones enter when they are idle where they can recover their original personalities. Thanks to this collective dream state, the drones are able to plan a form of mutiny over the Borgs. The only problem is that once activated in the real world, drones forget everything that happens in Unimatrix Zero. This is where Seven of Nine comes in, because thanks to her unique nature, she can remember what she’s going through while sharing their dream state and helps them plan a Borg rebellion.

After a tense battle with the Borg that sees the Queen uncover their plot, Unimatrix Zero is destroyed, but not before those in it reclaim their identity in the waking world and promise to continue their fight to destroy the Queen and her. collective. Sadly, we never get to see the rest of their story, despite seeing the Borg again in the series finale. But Queen Borg is set to return in the second season of “Star Trek: Picard,” so maybe we’ll find out if the Borg Rebels have had any success.

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