The Seven Mountains of Control — A Threat to Democracy

The Seven Mountains Mandate of the Pentecostal Church is an affront to democracy and a danger to society, writes Bilal Cleland.

THE SEVEN MOUNTAINS mentioned in the book of revelations in the New Testament are interpreted by traditional biblical interpreters as referring to the evil empire on the Tiber, the seven hills of Rome.

A minority of Christians, less historically oriented, have another interpretation.

A branch of Dominionism, which views adherents of their variety of Christianity as entitled to dominion over the Earth, interprets the Seven Mountains as aspects of human society.

The Seven Mountains over which they claim dominion are education, religion, family, business, government and military, arts and entertainment, and media.

It is an important part of American evangelical Christianity. It is widely supported by adherents of all the churches known as Pentecostals.

Again, because there are so many different Pentecostal sects, the beliefs tend to differ in some respects. Most churches share the belief that salvation comes through Jesus, healing is possible through him.

Most Pentecostals believe in medicine and doctors, but also believe in divine healing. Most believe that the baptism in the Holy Spirit begins when a person begins to speak in tongues.

Although it is difficult to estimate the number of Pentecostals in the world, a study by Pew Research found that of the approximately two billion Christians worldwide, about a quarter identify as Pentecostals.

An article on revealed:

“According to the New York Times, some four million Americans belong to classical Pentecostalism.”

One aspect of Pentecostalism that has caused concern is its neglect of physical reality.

Roger E Olson, professor of theology at Baylor University’s George W Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, Texas, writes:

The fourth aspect of the dark side of Pentecostalism is its tendency to emphasize the spiritual rather than the physical in terms of the “already-ness” of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is often seen as present where there are many manifestations of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit and where many people are spiritually converted and filled with the Holy Spirit – at the expense of social justice.

For most of its history, the Pentecostal movement in the United States has been obsessed with anti-communism as its primary form of social activism. Racial equality was not a major goal of Pentecostalism, and in general Pentecostals were complacent about segregation – even among themselves.

Although primarily an American phenomenon, this variety of Christianity exists in Australia with many prominent figures including prominent Conservative politicians and former Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Scott Morrison and the Pentecostal Dogma of One World Government

According to Philip Almond, Emeritus Professor of History of Religious Thought at the University of Queensland, this has an impact on the Australian government’s response to key questions:

“That is why new carbon reduction measures to counter the environmental damage caused by climate change may have little intellectual impact with [Morrison]. If the end of the world through climate change is part of God’s providential plan, there is very little we should or can do about it.

He points out that Morrison’s “try” philosophy “fits perfectly into Pentecostal prosperity theology”. This is the view that belief in God leads to material wealth.

Professor Almond adds:

…the pious become rich and the rich are pious. And, unfortunately, the ungodly become poor and the poor are ungodly.

Only those who have been saved by Jesus (usually those who have personally experienced being “born again”) have hope of attaining eternal life in heaven.

…Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists and non-born-again Christians are doomed to spend an eternity in the torments of hell.

Steve Davies warns of an extreme aspect of the Mandate of the Seven Mountains, the Extreme World Makeover:

“No, the whole point is, again he told Satan I’m going to do this big thing with my sons and daughters. They will wake up; they will rise and they will begin to shine. And they will operate in my light in my authority and my power and they will change everything. I won’t have to exercise my own direct muscle. They will carry my muscle. They will crush you.

The dangers of politicians praying in public

According to Davies:

“The zeal with which the Morrison government is pursuing its agenda and the government’s agenda itself is a reflection of the Extreme World Makeover.”

IA founder David Donovan in “Morrison and the Secret Pentecostal Plan for World Domination”points out:

Last week we learned that NSW Nationals candidate Kimberly Hone was a supporter of the Seven Mountains Mandate.

WA Liberal candidate for Pearce Linda Aitken is also believed to be a supporter of the Seven Mountains Mandate.

Premier Scott Morrison is a Pentecostal. The same goes for his best friend, Stuart Robert, a Pentecostal from the Gold Coast.

Given the growing numbers of this sect, all people of good will would do well to be aware of this intent to exert dominion over the Seven Mountains.

Attempts to influence university curricula, political parties, community organizations, social policy and government will continue.

The subjection of society to such an interpretation of Christian Scripture would destroy any notion of participatory democracy, multiculturalism or religious freedom.

This is basically medieval totalitarianism.

Bilal Cleland is a retired secondary school teacher and has served as Secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Chairman of the Muslim Welfare Council of Victoria and Secretary of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. You can follow Bilal on Twitter @BilalCleland.

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