The mere mention of a revamp of a cult classic threatens to incite a riot

by 20th Century Fox

There aren’t many films that can be considered 100% sure to be remade or rebooted, but if the film community had its way, John Carpenter Big problem in little China would be added to the club in an instant.

While we’ve so far managed to escape the wrath of the 1986 favorite who was slapped with the fresh coat of paint no one asked for, Dwayne Johnson and his production company Seven Bucks have been threatening to do just that ever since. almost a decade, with producer Hiram Garcia admitting as recently as last summer that it was still on the cards.

Based on the fact that a Big problem in little China the appreciation post on Reddit quickly turned into a comments section making it very clear that the fantasy action comedy should be left well on its own, it’s clear we’d be one step away from a riot apart entire if Johnson curated a reimagining of this ranks as one of the most entertaining genre films ever made.

big problem little china

Like all great cult hits, Big problem in little China flopped at the box office and never quite got its due before release, and it continues to find a whole new audience with each passing generation. As much as Johnson has managed to dramatically overcome the cynicism that greeted the initial announcement of his refresh plans JumanjiCarpenter’s gloriously batsh*t slice of madness at least seems several not too far off.

Carpenter’s back catalog revamp very rarely yielded results that were better than mediocre anyway, and the feeling is clear that Big problem in little China must remain intact and unblemished.

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