The era of sanctions in Zimbabwe: the time has come for national unity

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Norbert Hosho

UNITY makes a country strong and prosperous, and other countries cannot easily oppose or attack it. Zimbabwe faces many threats from its environment, like any other nation. Some Western countries have imposed sanctions on us, and since we cannot always please everyone with our foreign policy decisions, our relations with all these countries are not always friendly. Nationalism, which includes identifying with one’s own nation and supporting its interests, should take precedence over bigotry, provincialism, racism and the grouping of people according to their religious beliefs.

Those fiercely hostile to us may consider using our internal flaws and divisions. In fact, they often abused their power and as a result people began to put the interests of their religious groups ahead of the country as a whole. All of these groups and sects are blind to their obligations as Zimbabwean citizens as they work feverishly to build and unify their own organisations. The very survival of our country is threatened because of the growing conflict between different social groups. It then becomes imperative that we unite as a nation and strengthen ourselves. Thus, we must work to strengthen national cohesion. Above all, we must all conduct ourselves in the best interests of our nation. When it comes to issues that jeopardize our identity, our national interests and our ability to fulfill our social obligations, we must act as true Zimbabweans.

As a nation, we should give the provinces adequate opportunities to develop their own languages ​​and cultures. These languages ​​and cultures are treasure troves of old and new words and ideas. As they grow, they should contribute to the national culture. Thus, we will achieve two objectives: to satisfy the people and to benefit from their cultural richness. In addition, all provinces should have equal opportunities for growth and development. Provincial governments should have the powers to solve their problems. People should be happy with the solutions to these problems at the provincial level. Inter-provincial trade and travel should also be encouraged. This will bring people together and promote national unity.

Cooperation between the people and the government is essential. Together, they must fight for better national harmony. The government should offer citizens’ representatives the opportunity to discuss with them their problems and their suggestions for promoting national unity. A divided country can never be stable, peaceful or prosperous. It is much more crucial for our nation since some internal groups in Zimbabwe pose a threat in addition to external enemies.

People have become so narrow in their outlook that they only love the region or city where they were born. They never speak of Zimbabwe, the nation where their province or city is located. Simply put, people are unable to comprehend the dire circumstances that exist inside and outside our country.

The presence of a content and prosperous Zimbabwe is intolerable to hostile foreign groups. Our adversaries are well organized and cunning, and they are working diligently to advance their plan to sow discord among Zimbabweans. National unity is the solution to all our social, political and economic ills and problems.

United States

It is shocking that we have lost sight of the fact that our ancestors worked hard to build our nation. For their own freedom and that of subsequent generations, they gave up their lives and their property. We would have been subject to the same nations that imposed sanctions on us if they had not fought to establish an independent country. We must never forget that we are all citizens of the same nation and the same country.

Next comes the rule of law. All anti-social activities must be crushed with the iron fist of the law, especially in institutions that are breeding grounds for hatred, regionalism and bigotry. Corruption and power politics also contribute a lot to disharmony in a nation. Politicians should not sow the seeds of separation and disintegration. When every politician is driven by the desire for national unity, he preaches unity. This will eventually allow the people to unite again as one nation.

As the nation forges ahead in the adversity of sanctions, national campaigns should be launched to fully educate the masses about the threats that threaten to shake the very foundations of our country. Leaders from all facets of society, as well as intellectuals, also have a fundamental obligation to help create an atmosphere of peace and respect for all sects in conflict. Greater use should be made of television and radio to highlight the horribly negative effects of disunity on Zimbabwe’s national security, economy and livelihoods in general.

In addition, some of us who are foreign agents, and who are exclusively involved in negative activities, should be closely monitored by government agencies. It is a recognized fact that nations which weaken their unity cannot maintain their freedom.

Abraham Lincoln graciously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

There are hundreds of thousands of people in our country and billions around the world, all of whom have different views on important life issues. Differences usually lead to division and sporadic wars. We often forget the fact that everyone should have the same ambition – the advancement of our nation and its citizens. The unit is created as a result of this.

Although Zimbabwe is an independent country, we are not independent of each other. Why can we expect less from a nation and its people when they need cooperation despite differing points of view to govern a household, run a business and develop educational programs? Hiring people with a variety of expertise, experience and education levels allows successful organizations to grow. It increases tolerance for the unusual and even challenge.

European Union

While many factors contribute to the overall development of a country, national unity is the most vital. Let’s stick together and help each other in difficult times. National unity is key to exposing the impact of US (Zdera) and European Union sanctions on Zimbabwe. As Zimbabweans, we must fully sensitize each other, until we reach a point where every Zimbabwean is fully aware of the motive behind the illegal sanctions and how they have negatively affected ordinary people in the urban, rural and diaspora communities in Zimbabwe. There should be a common understanding that over the past two decades Zimbabweans have suffered the multifaceted effects of these sanctions across all sectors including agriculture, energy, health, security, l water, education, mining, manufacturing, investments and banking.

While some of us might have differing opinions, or claim to have such opinions, the truth is that the sanctions have crippled all sectors of the economy, thus destroying the Zimbabwean dream for many. When we all as Zimbabweans realize that these illegal and unwarranted sanctions were carefully crafted to make Zimbabwe a dysfunctional state, we would have defeated the enemy. Unity is strength and we are united.

* Dr. Norbert Hosho is Chairman and Founder of the Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Trust (Zast), an educator and trainer in financial literacy, economic empowerment and entrepreneurial leadership. He can be contacted on +263773115890 or by email [email protected] Where [email protected]

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