The cult of the air fryer – all hail our kitchen gadget overlords

Computing started off as a slow, creeping spread with a few early adopters here and there waxing lyrical about a swanky kitchen gadget. Then came the ardent converts who traded wacky recipes and blindly swore they couldn’t imagine life without this revolutionary kitchen appliance.

The cult of the air fryer has taken hold. I can’t remember the last time I scoured social media without seeing people comparing brands and models, swooning over discounted deals, or bragging about how much cheaper it is to operate than a conventional oven.

Admittedly, this last point is arguably the main reason why air fryers have become extremely popular. With energy prices soaring and the cost of living rising, it makes sense that many of us want to get the most out of our pennies.

Which I receive. What I don’t understand is how the air fryer became both a money-saving hack and a bragging-worthy status symbol. It looks like everyone is worshiping in front of the altar of this puffy convection oven. Hail all our new machine lords.

One wonders if future historians might view this era with the same fascination as we ancient Egyptians and their love of cats?

That said, cats were all the rage in Egypt for over 3000 years. I don’t see the air fryer enjoying that kind of longevity. Chances are it won’t be long in following the path of other once-must-have mod-con home appliances.

You do not believe me ? Think back to that bedside staple of the 1960s and 1970s: the Teasmade. Or back when wowing diners with a fondue set was considered the pinnacle of sophistication.

I remember a similar buzz of excitement about the SodaStream back in the 1980s. Great idea on paper, but never lived up to the hype no matter how much you tried to convince you otherwise.

I remember people raving about the George Foreman Grill around the 1990s, which was just the ticket if you wanted to squeeze all the fun – I mean the fat – out of a perfectly decent juicy steak.

Spiralizers, meanwhile, were all the rage in the mid-2010s when health-conscious bodies ditched heavy pasta in favor of zucchini ribbons and vegetable noodles. What a palaver it was.

I have yet to visit a car boot sale and have not seen one of those once sacred contraptions sitting sadly on a table next to a pile of old Jackie’s annuals, bears in frayed plush and chipped mugs with “World’s Best Lover” or “Keep Calm”. ” reasons.

Bread machines are another gadget in this vein. They’ve had a fleeting resurgence of late as everyone went into get-fix/doomsday chic mode during lockdown, but I’m afraid most are now languishing, once again, deep in cupboards taking dust.

As for air fryers? Yes, I am the proud owner. What? I didn’t say that I myself was immune to a running jump. Having mastered the art of cooking fluffy roast potatoes in my own, I feel like I’ve officially peaked 2022.

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