Temples in Bihar will also be subject to tax

Taxation on temples infuriated Bihar devotees

Bihar government decision on temples is all the rage among worshipers

In a shocking decision taken by the Bihar State Council of Religious Trust, the temples of Bihar will have to register and pay 4% as a tax on total income.

This includes temples built by individuals in their living quarters which are open to the public will also be come under the scope of this new diktat.

By making this decision, the Bihar State Religious Trust Council invited the fury of the right-wing activists and faithful.

Many worshipers have lambasted the state government for the new tax policy in the name of the service charge and equated it to Jizya tax.

According to reports, if a temple is located inside the perimeter wall of a house, it will be considered a private or personal temple.

However, if a temple is outside the fence of a house where more than one family worships and makes offerings, then it will be considered public.

The 4% tax is made compulsory for each public temple and each temple to register and once registration is complete, the the prescribed fee must be paid.

The imposition of service charges on temples has furious devotees because there are several temples built in residential premises.

Congress and BUTIM took this opportunity to criticize the Nitish Kumar government for its decision.

According to Times Now, Tulsayan Saigal, the deputy superintendent of the Bihar State Religious Trust Board said it was not a tax but a annual service fee.

national spokesperson for the BJP Sanjay Mayukh, Minister of Environment and Forests Neeraj Kumar Singh Bablu, and member of the BJP Lalan paswan also expressed their reservations on the matter.

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