Star Wars shows why the Sith are more powerful than other dark side cults

While the Sith aren’t the only ones to channel the dark side of the Force, they are the most powerful, and Star Wars explains exactly why.

While the Sith are generally considered synonymous with the dark side of the Force, they are actually just a faction of dark side users across the star wars galaxy – and one of the latest contributions to star wars The lore explains exactly why the Sith are the most powerful.

The Sith were first introduced in star wars‘ original trilogy, with Darth Vader being the first shown and his master, Darth Sidious, following shortly after. Without explicitly stating it, fans were already exposed to the Two Sith Rule during the Sith’s debut – a rule that dictates that there are no more than two Sith at any one time, a master and an apprentice. This rule was established by Darth Bane long before the time of the movies due to the fact that the Sith – before this rule was established – continued to kill each other. Prior to the rule of the two Sith, there were armies of Sith spread across the cosmos and their goal was to exterminate the growing Jedi Order as well as any other dark side cults not associated with the Sith.


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In Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #24 by Alyssa Wong and Minkyu Jung, the morally ambiguous space explorer Doctor Aphra has an artifact known as Spark Eternal in her possession – and it has effectively taken control of her body. The Spark Eternal is an artificial intelligence that connects all life forms, artificial and organic, and also provides its user with Force-type abilities. The spark was created long ago by Miril, who was the leader of a dark side cult known as the Ascendant. While the Ascendant practically worshiped the dark side, they didn’t actually have access to the Force, so Miril created the Spark Eternal which acted as the artificial equivalent of the Force. When Doctor Aphra was consumed by the Spark, his mind was blasted through certain key events from the past, both from his memory and from the memory of the Spark’s creator, Miril.

Brutal Acts of Dark Side Supremacy of the Sith

One of the memories Doctor Aphra is thrown into is of the Sith attacking the Ascendant long before the Sith rule of two was established. It’s incredibly insightful as to why the Sith seem to be the only dark side fan group that fans are aware of despite there being so many more out there – the Sith simply killed them. Not only that, but because the Sith were so protective of their dark side sovereignty, anyone who heard the call of the dark side would immediately join the Sith rather than join another cult that would inevitably be wiped out by the Sith. However, that’s not to say that some dark side cults didn’t survive this particular purge.

While the Ascendant was all but wiped out by the Sith – the Spark Eternal being virtually the last remnant of their order – there were other dark side cults that remained and even continued to practice into the age of the Empire. Such a cult was introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Nightsisters – and they were responsible for unlocking Savage Opress’ access to the dark side and also restoring Darth Maul to his former glory. Another cult that actually survived the Sith (to some extent) is the Knights of Ren, who were originally a wandering gang of dark side-worshipping anarchists. However, when Kylo Ren took control of the Knights of Ren, he inadvertently joined them with the Sith as his master was secretly Emperor Palpatine – a man who proclaimed in Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker It was “all the sith”. So even with a few outliers, the Sith effectively eradicated all other dark side cults, gaining more followers and increasing their influence over the galaxy, proving why the Sith are star wars‘cult of the most powerful dark side.

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