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Hey, did you know that this blog is part of a larger blog network? I know! It’s true! Unfortunately, I have been a less than exemplary member of the community for the past two years. International moves seem to use a lot of my energy, so I’ve turned into a bit of a hermit. In an effort to do better at this, I’ll be posting more stuff from my fellow freethought bloggers, starting with this:

There is a very strong desire from certain segments of the population to come into contact with deceased persons. This desire has been exploited by charlatans, people who claim (for a fee, of course) to be able to channel your loved ones. The methods used have varied over time. In the United States, the growing interest in communication with the dead coincided with the Civil War which saw huge numbers of dead who left their families devastated and sought some form of comfort.

I have found the occult fascinating for years, both as a social and psychological phenomenon, and because I love the aesthetics. I think the phenomena behind occult fads and cults are linked, and it’s something we would do well to consider as we continue through this century of high technology and climate chaos. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like the world is ending, and with the predicted increase in death and destruction, I think a parcel people will end up turning to strange places for help. I also think that with mainstream Christianity being so intertwined with political leadership in the United States, a lot of young people are going to prefer things that don’t remind them of the people who seem to mess things up. Reading Mano’s post made me think of this Tumblr thread Tegan came across a short time ago:


Check out Mano’s post (there’s a great video there!), and maybe spread that post (or the Tumblr post), because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of those aspects of the story which we would do well to learn from.

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