Salt and Sacrifice locks in a May release date

Salt and Sacrifice, the sequel to the dark Metroidvania inspired by Ska Studios Salt and Sanctuarywill be released on May 10. That’s according to a new trailer released today, which not only confirms a much more varied color scheme than its predecessor, but also explains how PvP multiplayer will work.

The trailer is complemented by an article on the PlayStation Blog, where James Silva of Devoured Studios (Devoured is a subsidiary of Ska) promises that PvP will be entirely optional. If you want to get involved, there are a bunch of new moves to perform, such as “unique sprint attacks”, grappling hook, and “tens” of rune arts, which are essentially special abilities. Examples of these rune arts include lightning shockwaves, or spectral blades, or a variety of unnamed elemental buffs.

There are also PvP-centric sects to join, ranging from simple Blighttakers (kill all players on sight) to more complex Blueheart Runners (they can populate another player’s world with “horrible monsters”). Considering the range of cults, special abilities, and eight starter classes already confirmed, it looks like Salt and Sacrifice will have a pretty significant online component.

Salt and Sanctuary is part of the best Soulslike games on PC, and this sequel looks set to keep most of what made it great, but with more stuff (and colors, phew). For a more in-depth look at the game in action, without commentary, check out this 10 minute game video since last year.

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