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Resolution 22-03 Order No. 135 Issue September 21, 2022 TOWNSHIP OF ALEXANDRIA COUNTY OF DOUGLAS, MINNESOTA RESOLUTION 22-03 Ordering a Study and Review of Changes to Official Controls and an Interim Order Prohibiting the Construction of “Houses” on certain properties and prohibiting the placement of cargo containers on the property. WHEREAS, Minnesota Statutes 462.354, Subd. 4 authorizes a municipality to adopt an emergency ordinance where it is carrying out studies or has authorized the carrying out of studies in order to adopt a master plan or official controls within the meaning of section 462.352, sub-section Section 15; and WHEREAS the construction of storage buildings that contain living space (a “house”) has become increasingly common in the region and country; and WHEREAS, the placement of freight/shipping containers typically designed for transportation on trains and freighters on private property for storage or other purposes has become increasingly common in the region and the country ; and WHEREAS the appearance of “house” structures and freight containers can be significantly different from more traditional building methods and styles, particularly in residential neighborhoods; and WHEREAS current Township zoning or other regulations do not prohibit or regulate such construction as it was not an anticipated or widespread land use or building practice at the time of their enactment ; and WHEREAS the construction or placement of such structures on property in the Township of Alexandria may negatively impact the character of neighborhoods in the Township and property values; THEREFORE, the Township of Alexandria Board of Supervisors directs that: 1. That the Township Zoning Administrator and the Planning Commission be instructed to study and consider the adoption of official controls relating to the regulation of “residential” buildings and freight containers in the canton. ; and 2. That Order # ______ is hereby adopted as an Interim Order and shall come into effect upon its adoption; 3. Upon the promulgation of said interim ordinance, no action shall be taken in the Township of Alexandria which conflicts with the interim ordinance. 4. Interim Ordinance # ____ shall be in effect for twelve (12) months from the effective date of the Ordinance, unless terminated earlier by resolution of the Township Board of Supervisors from Alexandria. Vote Yes: Opposed: Abstained: Approved by the Township Board of Supervisors this September 7, 2022. Rod Eldevik – Chairman Attestation: Gregg Raisanen – Alexandria Township Clerk the placement of cargo containers in Alexandria Township, County of Douglas, Minnesota The Alexandria Township Board of Supervisors orders: Sect. 1. Title. This ordinance shall be referred to as the interim ordinance of the Township of Alexandria prohibiting the construction of residential buildings, except herein where it shall be referred to as an “ordinance”. Sect. 2. Authority. This order is made pursuant to the authority granted by Minnesota statutes 462.355. This Ordinance supersedes, but shall not supersede, any prior land use regulations enacted in the Township which may otherwise be less restrictive than this Ordinance. Sect. 3. Construction of “house” buildings prohibited. A. No building, unless otherwise approved by City Council, may be erected on any property in the Township of Alexandria that is a garage/warehouse with one or more dwelling units, as defined by Section VII of Ordinance No. 134 of the Township of Alexandria (zoning ordinance), or successor ordinance, where: a. The structure is located on any property with an assigned tax parcel identification number that measures less than five (5) acres in any zoning district identified by Ordinance No. 134, or its successor ordinance, and the Alexandria Township official zoning map; and B. The amount of soil covered by the garage/storage building portion of the structure exceeds the amount of soil covered by the dwelling(s) by more than 25% or height, as defined by Section VII of the Ordinance. No. 134 of the Township of Alexandria (Zoning Ordinance), or its successor ordinance, of the garage/storage building portion is more than 25% higher in height than the height of the dwelling unit. Where a dwelling unit does not reach the full height of the building in which it is contained, the height of the dwelling shall be measured as the floor-to-ceiling height of the dwelling unit; or c. When the attached house/garage construction is a post frame construction with sheet metal and/or sheet steel siding. Sect. 4. Placement of cargo containers prohibited. A. No freight containers may be placed on Alexandria Township property. A freight container is defined, for the purposes of this Interim Order, as “a metal and/or steel storage and transport receptacle structure normally used to move goods on trucks, ships or trains”. Sect. 5. Severability. If any part of this ordinance is found to be unconstitutional or otherwise invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, all remaining provisions will remain in effect and will not be affected by the ruling on the invalid section. Sect. 6. Effective date. This Ordinance shall come into effect and be enforceable on the day it is passed and shall be in effect for twelve (12) months from the effective date of the Ordinance, unless earlier terminated by resolution of the Alexandria Township Board of Supervisors. 103111

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