Questions for the Cult of Climate Hypocrisy

In my recent article When the truth is baffled by sophistryI hope I have rationally and successfully established that not only is climate change a fraud, but that the government’s current policy to address climate change has failed.

As I point out in this article, it is undeniable that CO2 concentrations have gone from about 280 parts per million to a current concentration of about four hundred parts per million over the past thirty years or so.

It is also indisputable that this increase in CO2 has been beneficial, and not detrimental, to life on earth.

It is widely accepted that our planet is “greener” and more productive than before. Moreover, the feared apocalyptic warming has not occurred despite these increases in CO2 concentrations.

So why, dear leaders, do you pursue a policy that cannot make any difference in the face of a publicized problem that does not exist?

Why do you brag about the obvious absurdity that “renewable energy” sources can meet our electricity needs, and then spread the lie by claiming that this so-called “renewable energy” will be cheaper than our electricity sources? previous energy? Do you expect those of us affected by your productivity reduction efforts to applaud this political madness?

Why do our leaders (in name only) insist that the main source of their “renewable energy” be the sun when it falls in darkness for about thirteen hours a day?

Where, dear leaders, do we get our energy from when the sun is not shining? Could it come from our old coal-fired power plants? If so, how do you justify the use of solar energy? Why not just let coal-fired power plants do what they have done so efficiently for over a hundred and twenty years and produce cheap electricity around the clock?

In summary, if the production of CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels does not harm our planet, and given that most other countries are currently increasing CO2 emissions by building new coal-fired power plants (many of which use Australian coal), why are we destroying our previous advantage of abundant and cheap energy? Why are you preventing our businesses from competing with other countries that use cheap electricity and gas, often supplied by Australia.

Surly, dear leaders, this is hypocrisy in a broad sense… You are destroying Australian jobs, you are not creating any.

It is time for our leaders to answer these questions.

Why did we vote for you in the first place?

Why don’t you act in the interests of the Australian people?

Why can’t you accept the truth and act on it?

Why should people accept everything you have to say on this subject?

Why can’t you agree that the “privatization” of electricity generation and distribution was not in the interests of the Australian people? It has only benefited the numerous monopolies created; all now scamming Australian consumers.

Why indeed… Because every day you ask more questions, but the answers are nowhere to be found.

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