Protect your AirPods with this discounted accessory kit

Perhaps the only downside to AirPods is that they can break or get lost. You can personalize your Apple headphones and make them last longer with a four-piece AirPods accessory kit from Chargeworx.

This kit, which works with AirPods Pro as well as third-generation AirPods, comes with four items that combat common issues. And right now, it’s on sale for $22.99, which is 54% off the regular price of $49.

AirPods Accessories

About 17% of AirPods users report losing one or both of their headphones. This Chargeworx kit comes with an AirPods Pro silicone case, carabiner, magnetic safety band and watch band holder.

Silicone case

The silicone case protects your AirPods Pro charging case from those little scratches and bumps that naturally occur. Every time you put your case in a pocket with your keys, throw it in a busy bag, or drop it, it collects a few more marks. And the damage accumulates quickly. Protect your pristine white AirPods case from wear and tear with the rugged, dustproof case in this kit.

Additionally, a carabiner

The carabiner attaches directly to the silicone case and provides a convenient and sturdy way to ensure your AirPods literally stay attached to your bag, keys or wallet. You can do it impossible leave home without your AirPods by attaching them to something else you need.

Magnetic strap for AirPods

Another way to keep your AirPods close is to simply wear them around your neck using the security strap included in the Chargeworx accessory kit. This strap attaches directly to your AirPods with a secure magnetic fit. It’s perfect for when you want to take your AirPods out of your ears for a while, but don’t want to put them back in their case.

Wristband holder

If you wear a watch – like, say, an Apple Watch – you can slide this AirPods holder onto its strap. It has two slots that perfectly hold your AirPods in place. If you want to keep your headphones close to you without having them in your ears or around your neck, nothing better than this simple accessory.

Save on Chargeworx 4-Piece AirPods Pro Accessory Kit

Personalize your AirPods. Get the Chargeworx 4-Piece Accessory Kit for AirPods Pro and AirPods 3, on sale now for just $22.99 (usually $49). Get the kit in black, blue, lavender or dark blue. And, if the worst happens and you lose or break your Apple earbuds, check out Akko to find out how to replace or repair them.

Prices subject to change.

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