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Guru Arjan Dev, known for compiling the first edition of Guru Granth Sahib, was executed by order of Mughal Emperor Jahangir

Guru Arjan Dev was the first of two martyred gurus in the Sikh faith. He was the fifth guru of the Sikhs. According to the Hindu calendar, the day of martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev is celebrated on 4 Jeth Sudi and this year it is celebrated today, June 14.

Born in 1563 in Goindval in the district of Tarn Taran, Guru Arjan Dev was martyred on June 16, 1606. People belonging to the Sikh community observe this occasion as Chabeel day in his remembrance. On that day, cold water of rose milk (Chabeel), a non-alcoholic and sweet drink, is served to people to relieve them of hot weather. In several regions of North India, Chabeel is also known as “Kachchi Lassi”.

Guru Arjan Dev, known to have compiled the first edition of Guru Granth Sahib, was executed by order of Mughal Emperor Jahangir.

On this special occasion, langars are distributed in various Gurudwaras and religious events are also organized where people read Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This year, due to the continuation COVID-19[female[feminine crisis, no big event is organized.

A group of Sikh pilgrims (jath) travels to Pakistan every year to mark Guru Arjan Dev’s Day of Martyrdom in Gurdwara Dehra Sahib in Lahore. the jath was due to leave for Pakistan on June 6 this year.

Facts related to Guru Arjan Dev:

– His maternal grandfather Guru Amardas and his father Guru Ramdas were respectively the third and fourth guru of the Sikhs

– Hargobind Singh, son of Guru Arjan Dev, became the sixth guru of the Sikhs

– Guru Arjan Dev had prepared the map of the Golden Temple and laid its foundations

– He was invited to convert to Islam and was arrested after his refusal on the orders of Jahangir

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