‘Not Skinny But Not Fat’ Host Shuts Down Kylie Jenner Conspiracy Theory: ‘You guys. Really?’

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Amanda Hirsch recently had one of the cutest weeks of his life: A day after being Hulu’s official correspondent on the red carpet at the streaming platform’s premiere of the The Kardashianswhere she interviewed most of the famous family, she hosted Kim Kardashian as a guest on her podcast, Not skinny but not fat.

She also co-hosts a YouTube series for E! based on the famous family, and it recently relaunched a highly successful collaboration with cookie dough startup Deux, a flavor called Xxtra Chocolate Chip, the first run of which sold out in just two hours.

For the latest episode of In The Know’s pop culture interview series we should talkHirsch talked about attending the big premiere, how she approached her interview with Kardashian and her partnership with Two, and she reflected on the milestones of her career.

Listen to Amanda Hirsch’s full episode of we should talk below, and keep reading for interview highlights:

While interviewing Kim Kardashian for her podcast: When I arrived at the interview, I said to myself “Today is the day”. It felt like it was mine. … It was the most monumental moment for me. We had 45 minutes with her and I had prepared questions, but she was ready for anything. I have no restrictions on what to ask him. I was very surprised by this. She meant, “Ask me anything,” but I also think she trusts me and there’s a reason she did my podcast. She knows that I would respect her. Even when bringing up the divorce, I was like, “I don’t want to upset her!” … You want to have a good relationship, you want it to be mutually beneficial, and you want people to get good things out of it. At the end of the day, it seemed like people were really happy to have another side of her.

On the conspiracy theory that Kylie Jenner wasn’t actually at the premiere of The Kardashians: I’m the first person who likes conspiracy and likes to investigate and try to figure out what’s going on, but because I was there and saw this happen, I was like, ‘You guys. Really?” … I wanted to tell the truth, because no one killed anyone, no one did anything wrong. Kylie didn’t show up on the red carpet, but she did make it to the premiere as we were watching the actual show. She walked right beside me and sat in her seat. What happened I think is that she just took the pictures when the carpet was empty. If I had to guess based on my own intuition, I think Kylie is having a bit of a hard time postpartum. She talked about it on her Instagram stories, and I’m guessing she might not feel comfortable right now with a ton of flashing lights and people asking questions. That’s the vibe I personally feel. It’s not based on what I’ve been told. I I just feel like that. There’s something she doesn’t feel herself right now, and that’s why she prefers to sneak in when everyone’s already inside.

On his collaboration with Two: I am not a businesswoman by nature. I’m like, “How much money is in my bank account? I don’t know!” nobody. I go by my heart most of the time. I’m learning the craft more now, and obviously trying to understand it better and be better at decision-making, but at the end of the day, your intuition speaks the most of everything: people, what feels right . With Deux and the first flavor we did, I was just getting started with brands sending me stuff, and I got this cookie dough. I tasted it, I was obsessed, looked at the ingredients and couldn’t believe they were so clean. When I released it, I said to myself: “I’m doing a collaboration with Deux”, and everyone changed. People do fashion stuff, but without me even thinking about it, it was really on brand. Random? Yes, but also on Not skinny but not fat, we talk about eating and wanting to eat healthy but also about having a sweet tooth. It happened in the most organic way.

On celebrating his own career milestones: I do this – it’s going to be six years in May that I have my Instagram account in which I invested myself body and soul. It was my baby. He accompanied me throughout my journey when I held two jobs, when I gave birth to my son, right after my release from the hospital. I didn’t want to make any money until about a year ago. On the one hand it sounds like “Pinch me! Blessed hashtag! I can’t believe I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do! And, of course, I’m stepping back and saying how much I’m grateful and how happy I am, but there’s also the moment of, “I deserve this. I’ve worked for this. I’ve wanted this all my life!” … People say, ‘When you say you’re showing up, you don’t give yourself enough credit.’ And I’m like, “No, when I think of manifestation, I think of someone who wants something, allows themselves to put it out into the world even if it seems wild and allows themselves to believe in themselves that it can do it and work towards it.

Watch the full In The Know interview with Not skinny but not fat‘s Amanda Hirsch below, and shop her collaboration with Two here:

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Amanda Hirsch, host of the ‘Not Skinny But Not Fat’ podcast, talks about meeting the Kardashians at the premiere of their new show and appeared first on In The Know.

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