Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 Review: Netflix’s Cult Spanish Series Heist Fails To Offer A Satisfying Finale (Latest Exclusive)

Money Heist Series 5 review: Netflix’s premium junkyard show is finally over. Money theft took over the streaming service with a storm on its initial release and since then every season has been met with great enthusiasm. This was the case with Series 5, which just lost its last five episodes and with it the series ends. So, does it give a satisfying ending? Well not really. Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 review: Fans are crying tears of joy after the latest showdown over Netflix’s hit Spanish drama (see tweets).

Money Heist Series 5 Part 2 resumes just after the end of part 1 naturally. The majority of the group mourn the death of Tokyo as the professor faces his own demons. These last five episodes bring the series to a close and focus heavily on the group trying to get out of it while Tamayo blows on their necks.

Money theft floored me again with its production values. Everything looks amazing and the budget extremely high to the point where it doesn’t look like a show at all. It’s pretty impressive how high the production values ​​for this are on a TV budget. The action is surprisingly framed and gives a great feeling of rush.

Also coming to the cast, The Professor once again proves to be the single, most sane character of them all. Alvaro Morte has always been one of my favorite parts of this series and I think he portrays this character wonderfully. He feels the most human of all and has real emotions that dictate his decisions. That alone makes him a character worth rooting for. This is what makes the teacher so enjoyable to watch on the screen.

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But not all characters are as good as him. This is a problem that I have always had with the series and here I even feel used to a bigger effect. Each character feels like they’ve been taken out of a cartoon. They are so exaggerated that they immediately have the impression of clashing with tone. There’s a new character introduced here very early in episode six, and his whole contract is to have seven kids with seven wives, and the way he’s presented is so… bad. I didn’t care much and it made everything so out of date.

This problem is also apparent with so many main characters. All of them look like caricatures. There isn’t much for them. It conflicts so much with the tone and the few characters that are quoted on the good guys quote, they just feel so boring. The only interesting character they had in Tokyo is also gone, so there’s really not much to chew on here. Money Heist: Netflix to expand Heist’s universe, announces spinoff series called Berlin (see post).

Even with the story, I didn’t care a lot. Money theft took me from song to song as soap opera-like rhythms erupted in the action. By the time the end came, I was just happy this was the last I would see from this show on my social media. Also, it had major pacing issues where sometimes I felt like nothing was happening in the background and a lot of stuff was padded.


The teacher

Great production value


Cartoon like characters

The story is bland

Rhythm problems

Final thoughts

Money theft ends with a devil and honestly it’s not that surprising. While longtime viewers will find pleasure in the way it all ends, it still doesn’t do much. If anything, writing this was cathartic knowing that I won’t see Bella Ciao constantly being spammed on my Instagram Stories.

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