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Highlighting what to expect from Minecraft Live 2022

The biggest Minecraft event of the year is just hours away, and the broadcast is sure to be full of big, bold and beautiful bulletins detailing what’s to come in the Minecraft universe in the future. Of course, the question on the minds of many potential viewers is, “What can we expect from Minecraft Live 2022?” The day before the main event, I want to take a moment and share what we think will appear on tomorrow’s Minecraft Live broadcast.

  • We will almost certainly see the first details of Minecraft’s next major content update, which will fall under version number 1.20. It’s unclear what the theme, or even the name, of the next update will be, but we can be sure the world’s greatest creative survival game is set to gain new monsters, blocks, and features when it arrives. .
  • We’ll also likely be returning to Minecraft Dungeons Season 3, which has already had a pre-show preview. We know the broad outlines of what’s to come in the massive release of Mojang Studios and Double Eleven’s action-RPG extravaganza, and Minecraft Live 2022 is bound to give us more details on the themed seasonal adventure. animals, new content and multiplayer for The Tower, and the Tree Top Tangle free tier.
  • Minecraft Legends is the next addition to the expanding Minecraft gaming universe, and its unique blend of action and strategy is an enticing combination. During Minecraft Live 2022, I expect to see some new gameplay for the upcoming title, and maybe some additional information regarding the story or release date. There’s almost no chance Minecraft Legends won’t make an appearance at the show, but we’ll have to wait to see exactly what lies ahead.
  • Finally, the Minecraft Mob Vote 2022, which has already opened for voting, will end when Mojang Studios announces the winner during Minecraft Live 2022. Will the Sniffer, Tuff Golem, or Rascal join the ranks of the list? Minecraft mobs? We won’t have to wait long to find out – be sure to get your votes before the show starts!

Between the next Minecraft update and more news on Minecraft Legends, this year’s Minecraft Live stream is shaping up to be exciting. I’m personally excited to hear which crowd will also win the crowd vote. You can read more about the mob I and other Windows Central team members are voting for below (spoiler alert: I’m in favor of the Sniffer). Tune in to this space tomorrow for all the latest Minecraft Live announcements and reveals! —Zachary Boddy

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Minecraft Mob Vote Discussions Intensify

With the official Minecraft channel finally throwing wood on the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022 fire, discussions among members of the Minecraft community are heating up. Everyone divides into well-defined sects competing for each of the three mobs to win. Although…one crowd seems to cut through the noise better than the others, or at least its fans are awfully vocal.

My personal pick of the band, the Sniffer, is swarming on Twitter with fan art of all kinds and repeated calls to vote for him. The Rascal and the Tuff Golem put up a valiant effort, but has the winner of this year’s Mob Vote already been decided? Of course, I’m biased for my plant frenzy, so maybe I’m only seeing what I want to see. Either way, anything can happen in the Minecraft Mob Vote 2022, and we won’t know the definitive answer until Mojang Studios reveals it on tomorrow’s show. —Zachary Boddy

Having server issues while voting in Minecraft Mob Vote? You’re not alone

Several members of the Minecraft community, myself included, have experienced server issues on Minecraft.net preventing us from submitting our vote in the Minecraft Live Mob Vote. It is likely that a large number of players are currently invading the Mob Vote. Luckily, it seems the voting process is more reliable when done through the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server or the Minecraft Launcher. If you still prefer or need to be able to vote online, try again periodically over the next few hours. Don’t forget that you have a full 24 hours to vote! —Zachary Boddy

Image of the Minecraft Live Mob 2022 vote.

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The Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 officially launches the vote

The Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022 opens for players to start voting. Three mobs are vying for victory this year: the adorable and ancient Sniffer, the secretive and mischievous Rascal, and the decorative and customizable Tuff Golem. You can read everything you need to know about each mob and how the Vote Mob works at the link above, but here we’ll summarize the important stuff for you.

Players will have the next 24 hours to vote – until Friday, October 14, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. CT / noon ET / 5:00 p.m. BST (when Minecraft Live 2022 begins) – for one of three mob choices. You can only choose one, but you can change your vote as many times as you want during the 24 hour period. To vote, players will need to log in to their Microsoft account and vote on a special Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server, the Minecraft Launcher, or on Minecraft.net.

The competition is tough this year, with each of the three monsters bringing something unique to the Minecraft universe if they win. The Minecraft community is bound to be divided, but what about the Windows Central team? Here’s the bevy of choices, the reasoning behind it, for some of us here at Windows Central (starting with me).

While the adorably stoic and stony setting of the Tuff Golem speaks to me, there’s only one mob I’ll be voting for in this year’s Minecraft Mob Vote: The Sniffer. Resurrecting a long-extinct mob species brings exciting new insights into the Minecraft universe, and that’s not to mention the prospect of exciting new plant life the Sniffer would bring with them. Of course, the Sniffer is also just plain cute. —Zachary Boddy

While Mojang came up with three intriguing mobs this year, my vote goes to the Sniffer. It’s not just a chance to grow your own adorable mob – the exotic plants they’ll dig up add a ton of new opportunities for landscaping and exploring the world of horticulture. I’m already writing plans for a killer tropical greenhouse for when the update (hopefully) arrives. — Matte brown

I want to see the Tuff Golems win. Golems are awesome, and the idea of ​​an extra tuff is just delightful. They’re super customizable and super loyal, so what’s not to love? —Samuel Tolbert

My choice has to be the Sniffer. While enchanted items in a mine shaft from the Rascal seem like a great addition to Minecraft’s repertoire, it’s hard to turn down the idea of ​​getting a new mob. and new plants to accompany it. I want to see what kinds of amazing ancient plants the sniffers could dig up and any cool enchantments or other materials that can be crafted with them. -Nick Sutrich

I choose the obvious choice: the Rascal. My favorite element of Minecraft has never been building or creativity – it takes patience which I don’t have. No, the real draw of the game for me is exploration, and caving in caves is my first stop. Going on an underground adventure with the chance to discover a Rascal would add an extra layer of excitement for me. The Rascal is a mini-game in itself, dropping some nice loot if you manage to spot them three times; What’s not to like about loot? —Jennifer Young

While the playful nature of the Rascal and the charm of the internal rides of the Tuff Golem are great, I have to admit that I find the concept of the Sniffer significantly more interesting than what these mobs have to offer. I’m always excited for new reasons to adventure in Minecraft, and finding ancient Sniffer Eggs deep under water is quite the motivation. Additionally, reviving a near-extinct species would also give the game an exciting new form of progression, allowing me to feel that I am truly impacting the game world and its ecosystem.

I also like the sound of customizing my bases with exotic plants grown with seeds found by the sniffer, because right now our options for flower decorations are very limited. I can already imagine creating a botanical garden, with greenhouse-like glass walls and roof, filled with vibrant flowers, special types of vines, and other weird and unique types of plants. Finally, the Sniffer is just plain adorable with his oversized nose and grass-covered back. The fact that they can also get really big means we could also ride one, which would be awesome. —Brendan Lowry

Cheers! It’s that time of year again – Minecraft Live is fast approaching, where Mojang Studios and the talented team behind the Minecraft universe will share a sneak peek at what they’re working on.

We expect many big announcements for Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Legends, and there might be some surprises as well. Of course, you can’t afford to miss the annual crowd vote inspiring heated discussions within the Minecraft community. Minecraft fans simply cannot afford to ignore Minecraft Live 2022.

Windows Central will provide live coverage of the Minecraft show over the next few days. We’ll start by covering the Minecraft Mob Vote – including some personal picks from the Windows Central team – and post regular updates to this space as news arrives and the Minecraft Live 2022 event kicks off. Be sure to check back regularly, and thanks for joining! — Zachary Boddy, Windows Central Gaming News Editor

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