Merrimack House District 24, Concord Ward 10

Published: 02/11/2022 18:49:43

Modified: 02/11/2022 18:49:24


Concorde district 10

Jonathan Cate

To party: Republican

Residence: Concorde

Occupation: No answer

Incumbent? Nope

Abortion: No answer

Income, sales tax: No answer

Marijuana: No answer

Should New Hampshire Pass Tougher Gun Control Laws? No answer

Matthew Hicks

To party: Democrat

Residence: Concorde

Occupation: Educator

Incumbent? Nope

Abortion: Supports full legalization and repeal of the state ban on abortion after 24 weeks. “People, especially women affected by this, should decide with their partners, doctors, religious leaders, etc., how to proceed on this issue. The annulment of Roe v. Wade was useless and set a dangerous precedent. This right should not be taken away from women.

Income, sales tax: Against income tax. Undecided on sales tax. “We don’t need to overtax our citizens. We want people to have higher wages without taxation. New Hampshire is a tourist state, and as such we should capitalize more on tourist dollars and I don’t think a blanket sales tax would harm our tourism industry.

Marijuana: Supports legalizing recreational marijuana use with home grow and private sales, but undecided on state-run cannabis stores. “Let’s look at what works well in other states and then model our system. We lose huge amounts of revenue every year because we don’t support the legalization of marijuana.

Should New Hampshire Pass Tougher Gun Laws? Yes. “First, let’s close the gun show loophole. Then we can move on to common sense gun legislation.

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