Medieval-era Saraswathi idol found at Basara has roots in Jainism – the New Indian Express

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HYDERABAD: An idol from the medieval period, believed to be from the Rashtrakuta or Kalyani Chalukyan era, whom local devotees worshiped as the goddess Parvathi all these years was identified as an idol of the goddess Saraswathi by B Ram Mohan, a native of the city ​​of Basara. in the district of Nirmal.

This idol, which is located inside the sanctum sanctorum of Papahareshwara temple in Basara, has four hands, with a japamala in its front right hand, a book in its front left hand, an ankusham in its upper right hand, a pasham in his upper left hand.

According to S Haragopal, head of Kotha Telangana Charithra Brundam, Jainism used to flourish in this region during the Rashtrakutas and some of the Kalyani Chalukyans also adopted Jainism, which can be seen from the way the carvings and Jain inscriptions have been found in several temples in Telangana and elsewhere.

He said that this idol was quite similar to the Saraswathi idol which was discovered in Kolanupaka village near Alair in Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri district in the past. Both temples had vestiges of the Jainism which had flourished during this time.

He told Express that in Jainism Saraswathi was referred to as “Suthadevi” or “Vidyadevi”, the goddess of knowledge by “Saraswathigaccha”, a sect of Jainism. The famous historian BN Shastri also explored and identified the idol of Sarasvati installed inside the shrine of the famous Sarasvati temple in Basara.

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