Mahants and Individuals Cannot Own Kabir Math Land: Bihar Religious Trust Board

Mahants and individuals cannot own “Kabir Math” land which can only be owned by the sect, said Bihar Religious Trust board chairman Akhilesh Kumar Jain.

The Council will treat property claims by individuals as illegal to eliminate discrepancies in income records. This decision will verify the large-scale illicit sale and purchase of the land of such mathematics. The decision was made after consultation with the heads of four Kabir Maths in Samstipur, Siwan, Vaishali and Varanasi, he said.

We have reports of numerous discrepancies in the income records of Kabir Math properties in the state. In some cases, the respective mathematics mahants have registered the properties in their name, which is illegal. Now, we will not allow this practice and the instruction has been given that the ownership of the properties of this mathematics is to belong only to the sect. The decision was made with the consent of the principals of four mathematics, ” Jain told PTI.

Once Kabir Maths’ land holdings were registered in the sect’s name, it would no longer be possible to sell them by an individual or mahant, he said. “Instructions have also been given to Kabir mathematicians not registered in the state to register with the Bihar Religious Trust Board. According to the Bihar Hindu Religious Trust Act 1950, all state religious trusts must be registered with the board of directors, ”the president said. All district magistrates and other relevant agents of the district revenue department were also informed of this decision of the board of directors and were asked to coordinate with Kabir maths located in their respective areas, he said. added. Previously, the state government announced that ownership of the lands of temples and monasteries registered or affiliated with the Council would rest with the shrines.

It is believed that around 50 percent of Kabir Maths landholdings in the state have already been sold by such math chiefs or individuals. Now the council is trying to prepare a detailed list of the total number of Kabir maths operating in the state along with their land holdings, worth several crore rupees. Kabirpanth was formed after the name of Saint Kabir and had started to expand its base in several parts of Bihar. One of the first mathematics founded for Kabirpanthi was at Dhanauti located in the Saran district of the state. Later, two more mathematics were founded in Madhubani and Samastipur districts in the state.

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