Liberia: The rights of the Sheriff of Makanvee have also been violated by the House of Representatives.

The ACTION of Sheriff MAKANVEE and his loved ones on the Capitol grounds Tuesday may have been exaggerated, but it resonates with many Liberians who are fed up with being exploited by our so-called lawmakers.

WE CAN SUPPORT that her action, as bad as it may seem, was born out of the frustration and lack of respect she may have felt from a legislator who, perhaps, felt above the law. law under his portfolio.

Lawyers and other government officials who violate traffic rules and endanger lives and property under the pretext of being exempt are becoming a threat in the country. We must not wait for the worst to start revising the law. The immunities that the Constitution grants to these officials are privileges and not rights and they must understand this.

THIS IS WHY we agree with Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon when he said this is intimidation and sheer abuse of power for any chamber in the Legislature to insult a citizen or any person for matters arising between one or more legislators and non-members of the legislature who are NOT knowable to the legislature to the extent that such matters do not hinder or hinder the functions of the legislature.

Senator de MONTSERRADO quoted Article 44 of the Constitution which states: “Disputes between legislators and non-members (of the legislature) who are duly known by the courts should not be examined or heard by the legislature.

THIS IS WHY WE believe that Ms. Sheriff’s rights have also been violated by members of the House of Representatives. Their action was clearly an act of intimidation committed against a citizen.

TRAFFIC LAW was never intended to be applied to a particular sect of people while others ride with impunity.

HONORABLE MEMBERS of the Legislative Assembly and government officials should act honorably. There is nothing honorable in breaking the highway code.

RENOWNED LAWYER, Cllr. Tiawon Gongle officially described the so-called amendment to the highway code that gave them the right to use the “third lane” as a chaotic for traffic.

“I don’t like it but I’m not a lawmaker but I think it tends to create a situation where more Liberian citizens would be seen as first class citizens and create more traffic chaos,” said Cllr. Gongloe, who is also the president of the National Bar Association of Liberia.

The fact that the amendment does not break down the terms and conditions and that members of both houses and government have never fully explained the amendment to the public adds to the confusion regarding the term “vehicles owned or operated” by those who are exempt from traffic rules.

THE ACT ALSO says nothing about regular commuters following exempt officers in traffic in sight of traffic officers.

THERE ARE SO MANY incidents that have prompted the police, the Department of Transportation and the legislature to review the highway code and ensure that the unwarranted privileges of a cult of individuals do not continue to take lives. and property in danger.

OUR HONORABLE MEN and HONORABLE must act honorably.

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