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In a recent CBS – YouGov poll, 44% of Republicans agreed that mass shootings are “unfortunately something we have to accept” in a free country.

In other words, our right-wing politicians “think gun carnage is okay” – even though recently more than 240 “mass shootings” involving four or more victims occurred in just (about) 155 days of 2022. Are they delusional? I think so.

The Republican Party – claiming to be “the Party of Law and Order”, has become so radicalized that it cannot recognize any circumstances in which, perhaps, weapons designed solely for human carnage should be restricted .

It has become a haven for absolutists who would rather condone mass murder, including the slaughter of children, than even consider “reasonable” measures like waiting periods, background checks, permits , shooting training, a ban on assault weapons.

Are we crazy to let this continue? or are they mad when so-called people in positions of power (our legislators at all levels) continue to act so shamelessly, so irresponsibly and so hypocritically? These people are not fit for high positions, lower positions or any position – given that we have succumbed to becoming a “gun loving country”, in which there are far more guns on fire than people.

People also read…

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, “a true conservative conservative,” wrote that “the right of the Second Amendment is not unlimited.

It is not a right to possess and carry any weapon, in any way and for any purpose. During his tenure as Chief Justice, Warren Burger (a conservative appointee to the Court) said in an interview that, as currently interpreted, the Second Amendment “is a fraud.”

With these thoughts in mind, how did “American exceptionalism” become the realization that we are the most heavily armed nation on earth – with by far the most gun deaths – in our supposedly civilized status as “leader of the free world?”

Michael Gerson said it unequivocally in a column last week – “It’s high time for Republican politicians to accept some risk in the cause of life – and end their dance with death.”

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