Lebanese Jews attend first-ever “family reunion” at Paris embassy

The gathering of Jews of Lebanese origin at the Paris embassy was the first of its kind.

Lebanese Jews attended a “family reunion” hosted by the Beirut representation at the embassy in Paris on Monday, Lebanese news outlets reported on Thursday.

The rally was the first of its kind at the Embassy, Annahar reported. About fifty guests attended the event, according to Megaphone.

The event took place as Lebanon is in the throes of the worst economic crisis in its modern history, and in the midst of a row with several Gulf countries over criticism of a Lebanese minister over their involvement in the war. in Yemen.

“This state is currently in danger, and all its citizens belonging to different sects must unite to save it”, Annahar Ambassador Rami Adwan reported as telling attendees Monday’s event.

Some Lebanese on social media questioned the timing, dismissing it as Beirut’s attempt to whitewash its public image in times of crisis.

Most of Lebanon’s Jewish community left the country after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.

Fewer than 30 Jews are believed to be living in Lebanon currently, although population figures are unreliable as the census has not been updated for years.

Lebanon has taken other symbolic steps in recent years towards recognition of its Jewish heritage.

Beirut’s oldest synagogue, the Maghen Abraham, reopened in 2014 in a grand ceremony attended by dignitaries from all sects. The synagogue was wrong damaged by the Beirut explosion, but repaired a few months later.

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