Ky. Catholic Church Holds ‘Unprecedented’ Apology Service to LGBTQ+ Community

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) — On the last day of Pride Month, a church in Lexington apologizes to the LGBTQ+ community.

Leaders of St. Paul’s Catholic Church have said they want to redress the church’s discrimination and lack of compassion.

“I felt betrayed by an institution. A divine institution, and my heart was broken,” said JR Zerkowski, director of Catholic LGBTQ+ ministry.

Several religious leaders made remarks on Thursday evening about their mistreatment in Catholic congregations and the long road they have traveled just to be accepted.

“It took 20 years for my mother to accept me,” said Reverend Marsha Moors-Charles, founding pastor of Bluegrass United Church of Christ.

But these same pastors sought a way to break the chains of oppression through the word of God.

St. Paul’s Catholic Church therefore held a service, which Reverend Richard Watson called “unprecedented in the region,” to apologize to the LGBTQ+ community and to atone for the church’s transgressions.

Even as they spoke, others just across the street spoke out against them. But they have a message even for those who denounce them.

“There are those calling me a heretic, I got hate mail from all over the country. It’s okay. Love wins,” Reverend Watson said.

A reverend called it a “brave move” for the parish, given the potentially divisive nature of the subject.

We contacted the Catholic Diocese of Lexington to comment on the event, but received no response.

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