Kidnappings, Cults and North Korea: How People Disappear. Listen to Dakota Spotlight, episode 15

When Barbara Cotton went missing without a trace on April 11, 1981, some thought she had just run away. They guessed. They speculated.

Sometimes that’s all we have left when someone goes missing, speculation and theories. Our most common theories are those that are meaningful to us, things we have heard of or are familiar with: running away, accident, kidnapping, assault. Murder! But what are some of the more obscure ways that people have disappeared in the past?

In episode 15 of “A Better Search for Barbara”, host James Wolner explores some lesser-known explanations.

Kidnappings in North Korea

From 1977, the North Korean government came up with a creative solution to meet some of its needs for language teachers and other professions; they started kidnapping people from other countries. Most of these people were from Japan, but there are testimonies from all over the world including Italy, the Netherlands, France, Romania, Thailand and others.

From Son of Sam to Barbara Cotton?

Maybe it’s just a case of six DEGREES OF SEPARATION. It may be a coincidence. Whatever the explanation, there is now an alleged connection between convicted “Son of Sam” killer David Berkowitz and the disappearance of Barbara Cotton from Williston, ND In this episode, host James Wolner discusses the recent Netflix documentary ” Sons of Sam “with private investigator Carrie Abbey. The documentary explores theories of occult activity and its alleged role in the Son of Sam murders of 1976. The discussion takes us from New York to Minot, ND to Williston.

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