Kashmiriyat: A seminar organized by JK People’s Justice Front

Srinagar: The Ulems and other scholars have shed detailed light on the significance of Navrooz and other religious/cultural festivals.

The speakers familiarized the participants with Kashmir and Kashmiryat.

JKPJF chairman Agha Syed Abbas Rizvi said in his speech that Novrooz is an important festival for the Shia sect, just like Mahashivratri for Kashmiri Pandits and Basant Panchami for the Sikh community.

“Kashmir is the only place in the world where Novrioz and Mahashivratri have been observed, crossing the boundaries of religions and sects, since time immemorial,” he said,

He further added that it is very unfortunate that since the mid-1980s a particular school of thought has been promoted in the valley. Strenuous efforts are made to denigrate this religious harmony.

President Rizvi also said that this beautiful garden named Kashmir, adorned and embellished by the people of different sects and communities has been vitiated.

Agha said those parties that were a source of joy and jubilation turned into dark affairs.

He said that the Kashmiri pundits who were well versed and integrated into the fabric of Kashmir, were massacred by the proponents of this new ideology, exported by our neighbor to the valley of Kashmir and the rest had to migrate; leaving behind their property and their means of subsistence. Just like the loss of Kashmiryat.

Moulvi Ghulam Hassan, speaking on the occasion, said that the OIC conference is expected to be held soon in Pakistan, during which Kashmir and Palestine issues will be discussed.

But, they never discuss the issue of minority Shia and Ahmadi communities living in Pakistan who are massacred by the hundreds every year.

The OIC never discusses the issue of atrocities committed against Islamic minorities in the Islamic nation of Pakistan.

Hassan said that more than sixty Shiites were martyred in a mosque in Peshawar recently during Friday prayers.

There can be no greater sin than when people are killed while performing religious prayers; and the killers are also the followers of Islam. One can imagine how they would have treated non-followers in the valley of Kashmir.

He also pointed out that since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, with the help of Pakistan, the executions of the Shiite community have multiplied.

He pointed out that the OIC will castigate Afghanistan and Pakistan for this humanitarian commitment.

Moulvi Hassan Saheb pointed out that more than twenty-five million Muslims reside in India but they cannot voice their opinion before the OIC committee.

Ajaz Mustfa in his speech said that the front has a duty to revive the old culture in Kashmir and safeguard its age-old tradition of brotherhood and religious harmony to revive peace and tranquility in the region. Bringing Kashmiryat back to life. -(Daily Sikh)

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