Karnataka government denies removing chapters on Narayana Guru, Vivekananda from textbooks

Karnataka Education Minister BC Nagesh said on Thursday that no chapters on social and religious reformers Narayana Guru, Basavanna and Swami Vivekananda had been removed from textbooks.

The statement came amid allegations that references to Narayana Guru and Periyar, which were present in the chapter of the previous version of a social science textbook, have been removed.

Speaking to India Today, Minister Nagesh said: “This is totally wrong. The book has not been read or seen. Guru, Basavanna and Vivekananda.

According to reports, in the PDF of New Social Science Textbook Part 1 published by Karnataka Textbook Society on its websitethe chapters dealing with social and religious reform movements have been kept concise.

However, the said textbooks are still in the printing stage and have not yet reached the students.

“A party that has governed for 65 years [Congress] should not make such false claims. The manual is still being printed, without reading the chapters, they are making allegations,” he said.

WATCH | Congress criticizes BJP for removing chapter on Narayana Guru from Karnataka’s Class X manual

“They don’t want peace in society. Congress was behind the hijab controversy and now the same group is involved,” the BJP leader said, blaming Congress.

Earlier, Congress leader JR Lobo criticized the BJP for removing a chapter on Narayana Guru from a Class 10 textbook.

Lobo said, “The BJP tries to play politics with small issues and whenever a big issue comes up they ignore it and it’s a dirty trick on their part and we stand against it. We urge government to add Narayana Gurus chapter again. Otherwise a huge protest/campaign will be organized across the state.”

On May 18, the Karnataka government released a clarification saying it had not removed a chapter relating to freedom fighter Bhagat Singh from school textbooks after facing similar allegations.

A few organizations, including All-India Democratic Students Organization (AIDSO) and All-India Save Education Committee (AISEC), had claimed that the Karnataka government omitted a lesson on Bhagat Singh and included a speech by RSS founder Keshav Baliram Hedgewar in a revised Kannada textbook for class 10 students.

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