JONAH GOLDBERG: Anti-Trump sentiment fueled premature rejection of Wuhan lab theory | Unionized

In all of these dissections, there is a fundamental consensus that one of the main drivers of group thought that led to the rejection of the Laboratory Leak Theory was relentless media hostility and mistrust of it. for Donald Trump.

Trump had often referred to the theory of laboratory leaks. He even suggested that China’s failure to alert the world earlier was destined to cost it the election. “China will do whatever it can to make me lose this race,” he told Reuters in April 2020.

For pro-Trump media and simply journalists who have always taken theory seriously (like Jim Geraghty of the National Review and Josh Rogin of the Washington Post), this is a chance to score easy points against the rest of the media. And rightly so. For four years, if Trump said ‘the skies are blue,’ someone in the mainstream media would respond, mockingly, ‘In fact, scientists say … blah blah blah.

Trump’s dysregulation syndrome is a hackneyed, often abused term that nonetheless describes a real phenomenon. (The pro-Trump inconvenience syndrome is less frequently used but just as real.) Trump has done some things right in his handling of the pandemic. The fact that we are beating the world to vaccinate our people speaks well of the Biden administration, but it speaks of the Trump administration as well. Operation Warp Speed ​​has developed vaccines at a record pace and encouraged procurement in a way that allows the Biden administration to rapidly deploy vaccines. Trump’s travel ban from China was the right idea, believing it had been poorly implemented and too late. It was always better than doing nothing, but the same group thinking that prompted the media to reject the lab leak theory also led them to condemn the travel ban as “racist.”

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