Join political leaders to end insecurity and other problems, Onikijipa tells religious leaders

THE Grand Mufti of Ilorin, Sheikh Suleiman Farouq Onikijipa has called on religious leaders to join political leaders and officials across the country in finding solutions to the problems facing Nigeria.

Onikijipa made the call during the 16th Hijrah Conference of the At-Tanzil Islamic Foundation of Nigeria held in Ondo, Ondo State.

The famous clergyman, speaking on the theme “Where are we going?” said the religious leaders remain the saving grace for the country after the failure of the security apparatus to successfully tackle insecurity and other challenges facing the nation.

Onikijipa, who urged religious leaders to work to instill God consciousness in political leaders and their followers to rebuild the country, noted that only prayers and God-fearing leaders could save the country from its current situation.

He also called on the leaders of the country not to abuse the trust of the people and their covenant with God by fulfilling their campaign promises to Nigerians.

According to him, the country’s security, social and economic problems could be attributed to greed and failure to keep promises by politicians.

Onikijipa said, “The government should prioritize land security. Safety is important. If ants could understand the importance of safety, human beings should do better. Our leaders must ensure the safety of the people.

“Many candidates running for leadership positions don’t understand what they are looking for. We must secure the community through prayer.

“Now that many of us feel like we no longer understand what is happening, we need to pray. We need so much prayer in Nigeria.

“If our politicians keep their promises to the electorate, it will solve some of the problems that plague this country.

“Nigerian politicians make a series of promises during their campaigns but once they are elected they are done with the people who elected them.”

He added, “We want religious leaders to carry the message of peace to their congregations in churches and in mosques. We believe this will go a long way in restoring peace to the country.

“Whenever we are made to swear by the Holy Quran, we have to be very careful. We need to make sure we don’t abuse the trust God has given us as leaders.

At-Tanzil Islamic Foundation’s Head of Mission, Alhaji Abdul Rafiu Ajiboye Lagbaji, also lamented the security situation in the country and called on the leaders to come up with a solution to the problem.

Lagbaji said: “My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, we cannot delude ourselves that all is well in our country.

“Any leader who deliberately creates hardship for the people will one day be held accountable. It’s up to us to keep working hard and praying.

“When it’s time to exercise your right to vote, do it according to your conscience and for the people you know will improve your lot. Do not sell your votes when the time comes.

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