John D. Witiak: Allowing a cult of personality to run politics will destroy our government

If you’re campaigning for elected office and a member of a cult headed by a supreme leader, whose every word is what you cling to and you fear crossing paths because you fear rejection or worse, you won’t understand the opinion that follows.

You won’t want to understand. You have given yourself, your mind, your thoughts, your heart and your identity to someone whose sole purpose is to control you in their name.

By doing so, you will not understand that you will fail in your constitutional duties to uphold the law. You will not represent all the people in your district and listen to them. There is no rational explanation in your mind to replace the blind fear that severing loyalty to the Supreme Leader will cause your campaign to fail and you will lose if you stand on your own two feet.

So don’t bother reading on. Don’t bother reaching out and talking with those whose life experiences are different from yours, who have points of view different from yours, who can offer you valuable information, information that can, even, forbid, open your mind and your heart and, yes, enlighten yourselves, so that, if and when you might be elected, you, in the purest form of our republic’s democracy, will truly serve the needs of all your constituents, even those who did not vote for you.

But you won’t understand this constitutional commitment because you fear giving up your total loyalty to your Supreme Leader whose only measure of success is how much control he can exercise over you.

You see? I was right, wasn’t I? You still don’t understand that beyond blind loyalty to a man you believe to be supremely powerful, there is a higher calling for you.

You don’t understand that if you are able to break from your cult, you will truly be free in your mind and in your heart, to pursue your own vision, however frightening those qualities may seem to you as a member of that cult.

No, you would rather use the tools of authoritarian control, threats and violence, and lies, as your Supreme Leader does.

You won’t give up the comfort your fellow cultists offer you on social media. You will not grow up to allow yourself to truly reach out freely to speak with those who are different from you, who see things differently. You will only serve your buddies and fellow cultists. You won’t do what the constitution requires of you as an elected official in America because you’re caught in a trap that says being a member of a cult headed by a supreme leader is the only way to power and happiness.

There is another way. You can refuse and do America a great service. In addition to standing tall and holding your head high in the name of the United States Constitution, you will have offered fearless resistance against white supremacists and anti-Semitism, against those who would have government come between love and marriage, which would prohibit every woman’s right to abortion. , which would deny the result of the election, which would resort to violence such as the violence in the US Capitol on January 6, the violent voices that called for the hanging of our vice president, the violence against our public servants and their families.

But, alas, when you are in a cult, you are very unlikely to walk through the fog of fear, lies and false loyalty. You will probably fail to understand that the greater good of humanity calls you to denounce your supreme leader.

We must vote for democracy at a time when some candidates cannot afford to do what is necessary to preserve democracy. We must not allow cultists to even approach the darkening of the bright light of the United States of America on the hill for democracy for all Americans, for the billions of our fellow human beings across the planet.

Americans must never again allow a cult of personality, however cunning and powerful, to destroy our representative form of government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Witiak writes from Union Bridge.

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