Jim Watkins, QAnon Celebrity, met with the January 6 committee

Jim Watkins, the 8chan/8kun operator and an influential figure among QAnon conspiracy theorists, met with the January 6 committee on Monday.

Watkins posted about the reunion on his Telegram account. “The committee decided to do it by zoom. So I didn’t go to DC,” he wrote in response to followers asking him why he posted a photo of himself in Chicago rather than Washington, D.C. Watkins announced on Friday that he had to have “a meeting with Congress on Monday.”

A spokesperson for the Jan. 6 committee did not immediately respond to an inquiry into Watkins’ claim, nor did Watkins immediately respond to questions about the nature of the meeting.

Some researchers have identified Watkins as the person behind the “Q drop” messages that inspired the QAnon conspiracy theory, which argues that the United States is run by a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles that former President Trump wants — or , potentially, will – expose and imprison. Members of the QAnon cult were present during the attack on the Capitol on January 6. The most notable of these was Jacob Chansley, also known as “QAnon Shaman”, who was sentenced to 41 months in prison last fall for storming the building. in horns and furs while sporting an American flag. QAnon signage was also photographed outside the building.

Watkins’ ties to the cult stem from his ownership of 8kun (formerly 8chan), the far-right message board that has hosted QAnon since he left 4chan. The January 6 committee last August demanded records from 8kun — as well as social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and TikTok — suspecting Trump supporters may have used them to plan the attack on the Capitol.

The committee’s meeting with Watkins on Monday is a reminder that while he has already scheduled televised hearings, his work is not done.

The first of six public hearings will take place on Thursday. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) teased that the committee’s findings “will blow the roof off the house.” He said Monday that the committee had found evidence that Trump’s role in the events of last January 6 went beyond simply “inciting” the attack on Capitol Hill.

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