I’m a tan pro, my £1 trick will instantly get rid of fake orange tan palms and it’s already in your bathroom

TWO fake tan enthusiasts have gone viral after sharing a cheap trick to remove orange spots from your palms in seconds.

Those who have used fake tan before – whether on an ad hoc basis or on a more religious basis – know how important it is to get the dark shade off your hands.


The video went viral, with over 3.1 million views on TikTokCredit: TikTok/@hondroutwinsofficial
According to the pros, you can use any color toothpaste


According to the pros, you can use any color toothpasteCredit: TikTok/@hondroutwinsofficial

Luckily, offering a helping hand, a duo of Aussie twins have revealed what other beauty fans can do to instantly get your palms back to their natural state.

The best part – not only does it cost next to nothing, but there’s no vigorous scrubbing either.

Speaking to TikTok, Victoria and Jacqui Hondrou, who have over 200,000 followers on the social media giant, shared their secret, calling it a “miracle” hack.

In the video, which has since taken the internet by storm, racking up 3.1 million views in just four days, the 24-year-old twins explained it was for those who use rubber gloves to apply suntan product .

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The glove method is awesome – in another clipthe gurus have explained that it makes it easier to apply – however, there is a downside.

Unless you’re using a brush to coat your hands and fingers in the fake tan, you’ll have to do it with your second hand, which means the palm will absorb some of the product.

Luckily, as famous TikTok beauty fans have proven, there’s a simple solution: toothpaste.

Demonstrating the hack on their own very orange and dark hands, the Whizzs squeezed a generous amount of blue toothpaste onto their palms.

“The best thing to get rid of that fake tan on your palms is toothpaste.”

Rubbing hands together for a few seconds – and no need for vigorous arm training – the once bright blue toothpaste had now turned into a gray paste.

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Then simply grab a towel and gently remove the residue – you should end up with a palm that’s your true shade.

”Oh my God […]amazing,’ the twins finished the video, which has been liked by almost 152,000 people on TikTok.

But while many found the hack useful and tagged their friends, there were also quite a few viewers who found the video interesting for a slightly different reason.

”The girl just changed races,” one congratulated, with a second in agreement: ”Girl, it shouldn’t be such a big difference. [sic]…”

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“Why y’all have my foundation color and I’m South Asian,” someone else laughed.

Another person suggested, “Use less tan on hands like half pump and brush on, blending around the edges works 10x better.”

Their videos have amassed over 15.7 million likes


Their videos have amassed over 15.7 million likesCredit: TikTok/@hondroutwinsofficial

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