Hulk’s old ally is part of the Cult of Daredevil

The following contains spoilers for daredevil #4, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Matt Murdock’s life has always been a complex web of shocking revelations and bone-breaking violence, but the past few years have unleashed a torrent of terror like never before. Along with going to war with the former Kingpin and serving unnecessary prison time, Daredevil has also found himself at the center of an ancient prophecy that could end the world. Thankfully, the Man Without Fear is far from alone in any of his ventures, though even his long list of allies can’t make Doc Sasquatch’s appearance as a new member of The Fist any less surprising.

daredevil #4 (by Chip Zdarsky, Rafael De Latorre, Matthew Wilson, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) finds that the titular hero has left behind the hellish angels that haunt him at home for the snowy mountains that hide The Fist’s fortress. This former counterpart of the Killing Hand is destined to be the only hope of victory in the struggle for the fate of the world, just as Matt and Elektra are destined to lead it. Unfortunately, the Fist is vastly outnumbered by the Hand’s immortal legions, not to mention their severe lack of comparable firepower. However, there’s one thing the Fist has that the Hand can’t claim so, and their first Gamma-irradiated recruit could turn the tide of a few of their battles.

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Doc Sasquatch makes an unexpected appearance in daredevil

Among the otherwise ordinary men and women who have come to lend their loyalty to the Fist is none other than the hulking green beast that is Doc Sasquatch. First introduced as Leonard Samson in 1971 The Incredible Hulk #141 (by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe), Doc Samson was an accomplished psychologist and scientist who helped save Betty Ross from an untimely death. In the process, Samson exposed himself to the same gamma radiation that created the Hulk, imbuing him with an impossible force and relegating him to a truly gruesome fate.

Over the years, Samson has been a hero, villain, and reluctant bystander through myriad stories, but his death in Immortal Hulk #37 by (Al Ewing and Joe Bennett) led to his most drastic change of all. He discovered that he was indeed immortal due to his connection to the Ethereal Green Gate. Amazingly, he was unable to return to his own body and instead resurrected within Walter Langkowski, aka Sasquatch. It was undoubtedly the most amazing development in his life so far, although it seems to be the one he adapted to most easily.

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Why the Cult of Daredevil Needs Doc Sasquatch

The transformation into Doc Sasquatch and the time spent on the other side of the green door opened his eyes to hard truths he had never considered before. Going from a world of super science to the supernatural might not seem like an organic progression, but there aren’t many other directions to take after returning to life. His exposure to so many very different concepts lurking in the darker corners of the Marvel Universe not only gives Doc Sasquatch invaluable perspective, it also makes him incredibly receptive.

Doc Sasquatch is the perfect complement to the ranks of the Fist. Between being a formidable fighting force on his own and having such a keen understanding of forces beyond his control, Doc Sasquatch is able to adapt to any scenario. As one of the greatest superhero psychologists out there, there’s no one more qualified to keep tabs on members of the Fist. Especially those who may not be mentally prepared to hold their own against the forces of evil, or against the Daredevils who are meant to see them through a fight against the Punisher and his new army.

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