How to Get the Dragon Cult Prayer Book

Elden Ring has many ways to unlock new weapons, incantations, spells and more. You can buy similar items from merchants around the Lands Between, find them in caves and dungeons, or even be gifted by various NPCs. But one way that tends to go unnoticed is to find books you can give to your mentors.

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In return for providing them with these books, they will grant you access to brand new spells and incantations to aid you on your journey to becoming an Elden Lord. The Dragon Cult Prayer Book is one of those coveted items, as the incantations you receive are top of the line.


Find the Dragon Cult Prayer Book

If you want to get the Dragon Cult Prayer Book, head to the thin landmass to the East of Liurnia from the lakes. Travel north along this path until you are perpendicular to the large structure shown on the map above. Once you arrive, in the general surroundings, there will be a knight in golden cloaks walking around.

While fighting this knight, you will notice that his moveset is slightly different from other knights you have fought in the past. This enemy is actually using some powers that you will receive from the Dragon Cult Prayer Book. Once you shoot him down, pick up the item on his corpse, and you will receive the prayer book.

Where to bring the prayer book

Once you have the Dragon Cult Prayer Book in your possession, go to the round table and meet Brother Corhyn (he has an uncomfortable metallic circle on him). You can also give it to Miriel, Pastor of Vows at the Church of Vows, or whichever you prefer! Once you deliver the key item to one of these NPCs, you will unlock these incantations:

  1. lightning spear: Creates a lightning projectile that you throw
  2. sharpened bolt: Summons a bolt of lightning that targets nearby enemies
  3. Electrify armaments: Enchants your weapons with lightning

Speak with the selected NPC again and you will now be able to purchase these now unlocked incantations.

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