How to beat Kallamar in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is a unique new game that combines rogue-like isometric combat with a bizarre occult city management simulator. Pairing them with a Happy Tree Friends sense of humor and interesting art style, Devolver and Massive Monster have certainly created something special.

In the game’s combat chapters, players must fight against Bishops of the Old Faith, which are minibosses that must be defeated to advance to the final boss and complete a run. The third bishop who rules over the kingdom of Anchordeep is Kallamar, a powerful squid who can be quite a tough foe to face.

Defeat Kallamar the Squid Bishop in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox! We welcome you to our flock and together we will RENT THE LAMB 🙏🐑👑

Cult of the Lamb features some tough fights, but, despite not being the final boss, Kallamar is likely to be the toughest for many players. He has a variety of attacks that cover the entire arena and vicious bullet-hell tactics to deal with.

Kallamar, like most bosses in the game, has two phases that players must defeat. This escalation turns them into a massive threat, so players may have to face this nightmarish squid multiple times to figure it out.


Kallamar Phase 1 Attacks:

  • A lunge attack with the sword raised, dropping the blade close to the player
  • Shoot a small circle of fireballs at the player
  • Rapidly fire a line of multiple fireballs like a machine gun
  • Shoot a circle of fireballs around Kallamar’s body
  • Summon a small army of sturdy crab minions

Cult of the Lamb players will spend quite a bit of time dodging during this fight. Although the dive attack chases the player, it will only attack when Kallamar catches up to them, so the dodge roll should be timed accordingly. If timed correctly, players can turn around and land a few shots immediately afterwards.

Luckily, the movements of the circle of fireballs are quite slow and easy to dodge. Both grant players a brief window to counterattack, so they should try to stay relatively close.

The machine gun fireball attack, on the other hand, will require sprinting and dodging around the corners of the map, but will still give players a brief counter window.

Kallamar second phase attacks:

  • Attack with the dagger, which is much faster than the sword
  • Firing multiple bursts of shotgun fireballs, followed by two encircling fireballs around Kallamar
  • Summon more crabs as his health drops

Kallamar’s singular physical attack in the second phase is faster, but easier to dodge. Cult of the Lamb players should find it fairly easy to dodge when it moves to kill and may also be able to get an attack or two in.

Kallamar’s shotgun blasts are his hardest move to dodge. Players must find an opening and stick to it, then only enter it when absolutely necessary. Players can roll through the circles to launch an attack or two.

Whenever possible, players should deal with summoned crabs as it is important to whittle down boss minions. Each crab makes the arena more dangerous and harder to avoid fireballs, so keep clearing them as you go.

Kallamar is a tough fight that can take a while, with players only able to land one or two counters per attack. They just need to slow down, focus on dodging fireballs and taking damage wherever possible, and Cult of the Lamb players will be victorious.

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