How Palpatine’s Sith Fleet Was Built By A Mysterious Cult

A few years have passed since the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, many fans still have questions that remain unanswered. Most revolve around Palpatine’s return, with the line “Somehow Palpatine came back”, becoming a joke in the film community. However, as with many star warsmany questions have been answered through comic books and visual dictionaries, including the origin of Palpatine’s massive Sith fleet.

After 40 years of building up his strength, Palpatine has finally revealed his return to the galaxy. And with him, hundreds of Star Destroyers took off from the planet Exogol to aid his new reign of terror. Still, these weren’t old Star Destroyers, as they were far more powerful than those in the original trilogy and even possessed the power to destroy planets. However, considering how advanced these ships are, it is clear that they would have taken years, if not decades, to build.

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Palpatine’s return, and the entire Sith fleet, revolves around a mysterious cult called the Sith Eternal. These shadowy beings can be seen all around Palpatine’s lair, but their true faces are never shown. Although it is unknown if they were Force-sensitive themselves, they worshiped the dark side and believed the Sith to be gods, aiding them in their quest for power.

The age of the Sith Eternal cult has never been specified, but Palpatine was well aware of their existence during the reign of the Empire. To keep it secret and out of sight, the Sith Eternal lived on the hidden planet of Exogol, and here Palpatine ordered them to work on new cloning technology. With this, he hoped to find ways to prolong his death for as long as possible, which he obviously succeeded in doing. It was this technology that also gave birth to the first Palpatine clones, like Snoke and Rey’s father.

But before his death in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Palpatine has also commissioned an entirely new Milestone. Separated from its Empire, the Sith Eternal set to work raising new soldiers, officers, and an incredibly powerful fleet. While they likely planned to merge into the Empire, it would be an entire army devoted to Palpatine alone – one he wouldn’t have to hide his Sith origins from.

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During his career as Emperor, he introduced resources to the hidden Sith planet, and things worked out well throughout the original trilogy. But with Palpatine’s death at the hands of Anakin Skywalker, things got complicated. The Sith Eternal were determined to keep their master alive and thus succeeded in creating a raw Palpatine body for his spirit to inhabit. Then, for the next 40 years, they continued their gradual growth of the Sith army, while Palpatine devised his final plan to take control.

Although the First Order was transferred to Exogol, it was primarily the Sith military that controlled the fleet. Many Sith Eternal stayed behind to praise Palpatine and keep him alive, but their decades of work were finally unleashed across the galaxy. Although, despite knowing what the Sith Eternal have built, much of their cult is still shrouded in mystery, and how far back in the past is unknown. star wars timeline they really go.

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