How Mithrax Brings Fallen Into The Last City

A Vex attack forced the House of Light to team up with the Vanguard in order to survive. But long-standing enemies must first reckon with their past.

The newly launched Splicer season is arguably the most ambitious of Destiny 2history, because it sees humanity opening its doors to the Eliksni. Eliksni, also known as the Fallen, has been at war with humanity for centuries. Some of the most historic battles in the last city’s history involved the Fallens besieging the city and bringing it to its knees. Now the House of the Fallen has taken up residence in the Last City because there is a common enemy in the Vex. It looks a lot like the armistice signed with the Cabal Empire of Caiatl to deal with another common enemy, the Hive.

however, Splicer seasonThe more ambitious plot points tell tales of humanity and Eliksni breaking bread together for the first time in their respective histories. The stories are about how fair the House of Light is to the city and how the townspeople react to their fallen new guests. Some react much nicer than others, but the themes of these lore cards touch on complex topics like xenophobia and the rationing of supplies during a refugee crisis. These themes show a huge leap forward in the lore and storytelling of Destiny 2.

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The House of Light has ended up in the last city because the Vanguard needs Mitrax’s help to fight the Vex simulation that threw Earth into an endless night that blocked the sun. Mithrax was in the process of finding a home for Eliksni who defected from Eramis’ army, so in return for his help he was given a new home for his House of Light. The House of Light represents the sect of the avant-garde Eliksni who want to embrace the light and the Traveler in the same way as humanity. Mithrax is a sacred splicer, an Eliksni scientist who has great reverence for the machines and the Kell of the House of Light.

Humans and Eliksni living together must lead to heartwarming and heartbreaking times. Not only do these two species have wildly different cultures, they have also been at war with each other for hundreds of years. They have committed terrible atrocities against each other, including killing children and eating each other in the most desperate circumstances. This did not stop many Guardians and citizens from giving the Eliksni a chance. Amanda Holliday bonded with a dregs engineer by the name of Niik over the spirit of competition. After some friendly jokes about pike and sparrows, they challenged each other to a friendly race. Maurice, the owner of a local ramen shop, served Eliksni ramen for the first time. And while he was nervous at first, their exchange ended with the dregs swallowing the whole bowl in a glutinous satisfaction that would bring a smile to any restaurateur’s face. Small examples like this show that Eliksni and humanity have much more in common than you might think.

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However, not everyone encountered the presence of the Eliksni with grace or curiosity. Terror and revenge are among other common sentiments shared among the citizens of the latter city. Their fears were only fueled by Lakshmi-2, the leader of the city’s major factions, the Future War Cult. She thinks the Fallen are nothing more than monsters to be feared and castigated, and sadly, many of the city’s more closed-minded citizens believe her. This prompted angry mobs of humans to try to sabotage the Fallen’s aether supply and kill the Fallen in the streets. Fortunately, both instances were stopped by the Guardians.

The relationship between humanity and Eliksni will be difficult to balance in the future, and much of it could rest on the shoulders of Saint 14. Ikora has made Saint the Ambassador for Humanitarian Affairs dealing with the dead in the last city. It was a bold move considering that Saint is the most legendary Eliksni murderer of all time. Fallen Mothers tell stories of Saint 14’s newborn babies like he’s the boogie man. Saint 14 hates Eliksni after seeing them commit heinous crimes against citizens while they were at war and still in custody today. Ikora knows that if Saint 14 is put in a position to help Mithrax and change his view of the dead in the city, this could be the deciding factor that will help the rest of the city change their minds. The Eliksni and humanity not only have a lot in common, but they could also become valuable and powerful allies in the future.

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