Hosseini: Islamic Emirate Should Recognize Jafari Sect

Sayed Javad Hosseini, head of the Afghan Justice and Development Party, criticized the Shiite lack of representation in government during a speech at a meeting in Kabul.

Mr Hosseini said 25 percent of the country’s population is Shiite and that more than four months have passed since the Islamic Emirate took power, but none of the Shiite demands have been met by officials of the Islamic Emirate.

The leader of the Justice and Development Party also said that the recognition of the Jafari sect is the red line of the Shiites of Afghanistan, and he called on the Islamic Emirate to recognize this sect.

According to Hosseini, a monopoly delegitimizes power, and good governance requires the involvement of various ethnic and religious groups in the country.

“The recognition of the Jafari sect and the involvement of these people in the political structure is one of the important demands of the Afghan Shiites,” said Sayed Javad Hosseini, leader of the Justice and Development Party of Afghanistan.

“We must learn from our past, from the actions of our political elites, and learn that a monopoly will never go far,” said university professor Shafiqullah Shafiq.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate called the criticism unfounded and said the Islamic Emirate supported all ethnic groups in the country.

“The Islamic Emirate is committed to the rights of all the Afghan people, and regarding the recognition of the sect – whether we recognize it or not – a decision will be made by law,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesperson. of the Islamic Emirate.

Other participants in the meeting called on the international community to release the frozen assets of Afghanistan.

“The freezing of Afghan assets after the political change in the country has forced families to sell their children because of hunger,” said a member of the political party.

The Shiite Ulama Council of Afghanistan has previously called on the Islamic Emirate to recognize the Shiite sect in the new constitution and allow the personal legal issues of the Shiites to be based on Jafari jurisprudence.

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