Highlights from the letter live on Endwalker

Fans of Final Fantasy 14 were treated to a news dump of Endwalker from the producer himself on September 17. The Live Letter lasted about six hours, so a lot was covered. The star of the show was the class changes. Naoki Yoshida went through all of the combat classes and mentioned the changes that will be applied to them once Endwalker is abandoned.

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Some classes will have more changes than others. Of course, there is also the introduction of new classes such as Sage and Reaper. Since the live letter contained a lot of information, it’s good to know that some of the strongest fans got hold of what Yoshida shared.

The summoner will undergo great changes

Summoner with Titan.

From what Yoshida has shared, it looks like Summoner will almost be a new class with everything she’s been reworked. Their damage over time effects will be removed. However, they will gain the ability to actually summon Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda in great forms.

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With each summon, summoners will be able to perform elemental attacks and primal signature moves. Summons like Bahamut and the Phoenix will also have a shorter duration.

The diurnal and nocturnal sect of the astrologer will be suppressed

Live letter art astrologer.

The biggest change for Astrologian is the removal of their day and night sects. This is a big deal for astrologers because they would always have one. To compensate for the suppression, astrologers will automatically have the effects of the Day Sect.

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This choice was to make Astrologian more of a pure healer, not a barrier-based healer. This is why the barrier-based sect, Nocturnal Sect, has been completely abandoned while the Diurnal Sect will be automatic.

Sage will be able to attack and heal simultaneously

Sage in combat.

Sage seems to have multitasking abilities. This causes the healing and the damage to occur at the same time. It works by selecting a party member to heal while attacking an enemy. Of course, it’s likely that Sage players will need to focus more on healing than attacking in certain situations at times.

Some fans have speculated that this combination of attack and healing could be inspired by some sort of “life-stealing” attack.

Scholar’s will be able to increase the group’s movement speed in combat

Scholar Live Letter Art.

Many believe that scholars have the kind of tip of the stick in Endwalker. In terms of class changes, there are few. However, they get a first in terms of unique combat ability. They will be able to boost the movement speed of players during battles, like a battle platoon.

Scholar is pushed towards a “barrier healer” with Sage while the astrologer and the white mage will be pure healers.

Tanks get increased range of gap reduction abilities

Paladin Endwalker.

Tanks gain a 33% range increase from their gap reducers. This is a long overdue change, as tanks have to stay close to enemies, so being too far away to get in close is a frustration.

It is also to help players continue their combos. Combat will be smoother for tanks with this change.

Machinists will get a chainsaw

Machinist Art Endwalker.

The machinists get a chainsaw, which got a lot of people excited. The class has a lot of mechanical toys like the Automata Queen and the Flamethrower, so the Chainsaw works pretty thematically with what Machinist does.

What is known about the chainsaw is that it will be a new action. Apart from the chainsaw, the queen of automatons will also benefit from a new action.

Reapers will have a “soul gauge” with bars that will charge to trigger certain attacks.

Reaper At Ra.

Next to Sage in the realm of new classes is melee DPS, Reaper. Fans got to see the class in action for a bit and saw that it had two bars that look a bit like a red mage. This is called the “Soul Gauge” and you unleash various attacks depending on the amount of fill.

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It seems that one bar fills up due to your attacks while the other fills up as your avatar attacks. When filled, you can be possessed by the avatar and deal critical damage.

All healers will get a spell comparable to the white mage’s “saint”

Art of the White Mage Endwalker.

The White Mage Saint has always been known to be overpowered due to his damage and area of ​​effect stun. It seems the game designers have taken a look at this and decided to let other jobs enjoy the joy of spamming an area of ​​effect with some added effect.

As to what the attacks will be called and how similar they will be, we’re not sure yet. For astrologers, there is an area of ​​effect that appears to damage enemies while healing party members.

Dragoon’s will have dragon blood as a permanent trait instead of an action

Dragon Endwalker Art.

The biggest change for dragons is in their ability, Blood of the Dragon. In Endwalker, this will no longer be an ability and will in fact be automatic. Most Dragoons are quite happy with this change, as it’s one less skill to worry about. After all, they would just try to keep him there permanently.

Other than that, Dragoon will benefit from an extended AoE rotation and Spineshatter Dive will receive two charges.

Ranged attacks no longer break combos for DPS and melee tanks

Melee DPS course.

For tanks and melee DPS, ranged attacks will no longer disrupt combos. As the expansion of the tank closer, this is another major step in keeping the fight smooth.

After all, ranged attacks are important for melee attackers to use while dodging AoEs and needing to move around during combat.

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