Here’s what Cadbury has to say about the beef gelatin in their chocolates

Your favorite and most famous chocolate brand, Cadbury is embroiled in a controversy with netizens demanding #BoycottCadbury products. Recently, a prominent Hindu right-wing spokesperson shared a screenshot from a website that read: “Please note that if any of our products have gelatin in the ingredients, the gelatin we use is halal certified and derived from beef. “

The screenshot attached by Madhu Kishwar showing beef used in Cadbury chocolates is believed to be from Cadbury’s Australian website. Internet users have expressed concern over whether or not their favorite brand of chocolate contains beef gelatin as an ingredient. Check out some of their reactions.

Many users asked for clarification: “Please confirm if you are using gelatin derived from beef in Indian products. This would harm the religious beliefs of millions of people, so please consider providing clarification to this effect. I hope you will also be sensitive to our religious beliefs where the cow is sacred. Another user tweeted: “Do you do the same in India? Thank you to specify ! “

The company was quick to clarify that all products made and sold in India are 100% vegetarian. In their defense, they tweeted, “The screenshot shared in the Tweet is unrelated to Mondelez products made in India. All products made and sold in India are 100% vegetarian. The green dot on the packaging means it.

He further said, “As you can imagine, negative messages like these undermine consumer confidence in our respected and loved brands. We ask our consumers to kindly check the facts related to our products before sharing them further. Hope we have clarified.

In no time at all it turned into a matter of hurting religious feelings. The tweets say more about religion and beef feeding to Hindus: “Cadbury deserves prosecution for forcing Hindus to consume Halal certified beef products. Our ancestors and our gurus sacrificed their lives but did not agree to eat beef. But the post-independence rulers allowed our Dharma to be violated with impunity. “

A few users have also expressed their support for the brand by asking others to stop making it a religious issue.

In recent years, many brands have fallen victim to the boycott culture on social media, the latest being Cadbury. Brands like Nestlé and Fortune Oil have also faced similar situations.

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